NAVAH: Deeper into the Tunnels of the Wizard of Jellakar

The party first tested the trapdoor on the bottom level, having Lurinderi (the Selkie) open it with her foot. Below was a 20’ pit, empty. They lowered Brendan down on a rope, and as Brendan’s feet touched the bottom of the pit and triggered the second trapdoor, Ahari (the Glyderung), cut the rope holding him up and ran away, giggling. Ian leapt up and chased after, forgetting about Brendan completely.

Brendan instantly put arms and legs out against the walls (critical success) and prevented himself from dropping the next twenty feet into the room where grey-carapaced insect demons awaited. 556 (the giant ant pouka) brought a second rope down to Brendan and, crawling over the sweating warrior, affixed a rope to his waist. Brendan was pulled to safety.

In the meantime, Ian chased Ahari up the circular staircase and into the corridor of the cell above. He saw a flash of movement towards the back of the corridor, but stopped when he heard a loud buzzing coming from the open-doored cell. Ahari got away.

Brendan drew his bow and aimed it down the pit, hoping for a shot. Ian returned and did the same, but then put it down and began digging into his backpack for oils. At that moment, four insect demons ran up the pit walls towards the party. Brendan shot the leg of one, but all four made it over the lip of the pit and attacked Ian and Brendan. Luckily, the two warriors were skilled enough to avoid the creatures’ attacks, but the insect armor resisted most of their blows. Eventually, Glern, Eufemmia, and Scorch joined them in the attack and slowly, one by one, they disabled the insects.

Ian descended into the pit this time, and found a passage beyond barred by a locked cage door, with the smell of sulphur and hot air rising from the passage. Given Arnold’s claim that the dungeon led to Hell, the party decided not to go that way yet.

They lifted Ian again, and went up one level. They closed and locked the door with the buzzing sound, but could not see the occupant (who was out of sight). They did find a secret door at the end of the hallway, and went down that corridor. Several corridors forward and down, and they progressed forward. The ones going down still smelled of sulphur and heat. They eventually reached a room filled with slicing blades. They spent a great deal of time debating what to do. By the time they decided to Shape a room to one side and then Shape a passage around the blade room the next day, they found that Lurinderi was missing. Josette searched for Lurinderi using magic, and found her presence above them but quite distant. She then Shaped the resting room and sealed it with a thin layer of stone with several air holes. She banished Scorch, who would have used too much oxygen in the small room. She knew she could summon him again, since she knew his truename. The party then rested safely in the cramped space, though Glern’s socks made their stay memorable.

The next day, Josette shaped a 3’ wide passage around the blade room and reached a well-appointed storage area. There were four levels, each separated by a locked door. The first level was filled with linens and food stuffs. The next held furs and skins. The third had a number of items of quality (3 daggers, 2 helms, 1 backsword, 1 broadsword, 1 shield, 1 pair of boots, and an ornate box containing 4 rings). Ian took the backsword, which proved able to float in midair. Josette took the daggers, boots, shield, and box. Brendan took the broadsword and helms. On the top level was a circle, triangle, and pentagram, but nothing else. The party spent a good deal of time puzzling about this.

After searching extensively and resting another night, the party found a button on the other side of the blade room that would shut off the blades. They shut off the blades and found a trapdoor in the middle of the room that led to an oubliette. They then continued searching through the remaining corridors, but stopped for the night when they found themselves above a large room with bubbling pools of sulphurous water.


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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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