MERP: Elentaria’s Second Palantir

The party had learned earlier that Elentaria has two palantiri that she uses to spread her song (and influence) throughout the Rhunaer. Having learned that one of these is in her base at Shrel Kain and the other in Lest, the party decided to try to steal the one in Lest and reduce her power. They knew that Drogo is planning to work against her at Lord Windsor’s party in Dilgul, and hoped that his efforts would serve as a distraction and make the theft easier in Lest.

Bertram and Tanuukkodol rode horses into Lest, while Grafarlig took a cart. All were shrouded in their cloaks as they entered the too-happy city. They exchanged pleasantries and praise of Elentaria’s beauty and kindness, and were directed to the Friendly Shellfish (at the Sign of the Smiling Clam). Once there, they spoke with Zeela the bartender, and enquired after Feldenaith, whom they know has returned to the area. Zeela mistrusted Feldenaith and wanted to get a mob together to shred him alive, but Bertram talked her out of it. Until he arrived, Bertram and Grafarlig went to the Cathedral of Elentaria. There, they found the walls covered with dead bodies and blood. When approached for donations, Bertram gave 4 s. and Grafarlig gave 20 s. Tanuukkodol refused to go to the Cathedral and instead stayed at the docks smiling idiotically and splashing his feet in the water.

The party returned to the Friendly Shellfish that night. When Feldenaith arrived, the party took a walk outside with him and told him they were here looking for a big score, one of Elentaria’s palantiri. Feldenaith agreed to help, both because the house where he suspected it might be hidden held many gems, and because removing the palantir from Lest would bring it back under the control of the Syndicate.

Feldenaith led the party through the sewers to the basement of the house he wished to rob. When they entered the basement, there were three thugs on guard. Feldenaith stabbed one in the neck. Tanuukkodol stunned two others with arrows to the head. Grafarlig killed one with a slice to the leg. Once they were down, Tannukkodol sliced their throats, giving them a merciful quick death.

The party dumped the bodies down the sewer, unfortunately hitting Bertram, who transformed into Ughthug. Tanuukkodol  hit Ughthug once in the head with his frying pan, but it didn’t work. He convinced Ughthug that Feldenaith had hit him, then snuck between the orc and managed to hit him again, turning him back into Bertram.

They then left the basement and emerged into a silent mansion.  The room was tremendously silent. They searched under the carpet and the paintings. There were also two clocks and a chandelier. One of the paintings has a safe behind it, but there was only 9 gp. and 24 s. total in the safe. Feldenaith tried to pick one of the doors, but set off a trap and a blade scythed through the room, not injuring anyone.

The sound of the blade slamming into the wall caused the guards outside the house to call out. “Who’s in there? Who’s in Sanctuary?” Foolishly, Bertram replied back, “It’s ok, just an accident!” The guards began yelling louder and four burst into the front door.

Feldenaith rushed upstairs, while the others took fighting positions. Tanuukkodol punctured the eye of one, stunning him. He then struck another in the head, also stunning him, and then gave the third a minor flesh wound to the head. Grafarlig fought inconclusively with another. The guards didn’t do much to the party. Meanwhile, a mug dropped on Bertram’s head, changing him into Ughthug.

Tanuukkodol then shot the one in the rear, dropping him. He then shot the one without an eye, stunning him again. Ughthug, now angry about being hit in the head again, attacked the one on the right, and broke both his arm and shield. Tanuukkodol dropped one more and badly injured another.

With all but one of the guards out of commission, Tanuukkodol and Grafarlig closed the main door and shot the wooden bolt across it. A large something screamed, “Sanctuary” from outside and smashed on the door. Ughthug dropped the last guard and then held the door against the attacking troll. Orc and troll spent the next seven or eight rounds screaming at each other as they fought for control of the doors.

Grafarlig searched the circular kitchen and found 82 s. She then ran down a set of circular stairs off the kitchen.

Tanuukkodol ran upstairs after Feldenaith, whom he found stealing gems out of the walls on the second floor. Disgusted, Tanuukkodol continued his search for the palantir. There was a door, a stairs up, and a stairs down. He chose the circular stairs heading down, which met up with Grafarlig’s stairs at the bottom. As he left Feldenaith, he heard first a cry of pain and then a gleeful cry. He ignored them.

Tanuukkodol and Grafarlig continued down the subterranean corridor. At the end was the palantir and a robed priest, whom Tanuukkodol shot three times and wounded critically. The priest did not have a chance to cast a spell in defense before Grafarlig split his skull with her axe. Tanuukkodol took the robe and used it to gather up the palantir. The two of them then ran up the stairs.

Meanwhile, the outer door finally broke open and a troll breaks in, angry and ready to rip Ughthug to pieces. Feldenaith, having completed his robbery, stunned the troll with a knife to the head, and urged Ughthug to follow him upstairs, where they were joined by Tanuukkodol and Grafarlig. Together, they escaped out an attic window and across the roofs until they reached a safe house and hid.

Feldenaith was made to reveal the gems he stole, and to give Ughthug eight of them for his part in the robbery. Tanuukkodol explained to Ughthug that he could buy bunnies with the rocks. Feldenaith inquired about the object in the robe, which Tanuukkodol explained was a head. Feldenaith didn’t believe him, but he was pleased with his take, and with Tanuukkodol’s share, which Tanuukkodol gave him for his help. Feldenaith led the party through secret tunnels to the docks, where one of his associates offered them a boat to escape. Still distrusting Feldenaith, they took another boat instead, followed the coast east for forty minutes and then went ashore and walked the rest of the way to Dilgul.

There, Tanuukkodol gave the palantir to the Blue Wizard Pallando, who explained that Drogo had simultaneously stolen the gift from Lord Windsor to Elentaria (undoubtedly a third palantir). Elentaria was substantially weakened as a result.

Then the party went to help Ughthug buy his bunnies. It turned out the gems he had were worth much more than they thought, so instead, they guided Ughthug into buying three oxen (i.e. “big bunnies”), one of which he ate immediately. Tanuukkodol asked and got permission to kill the ox mercifully before he started, though Ughthug did not understand the purpose. Ughthug still has 3 small gems (10 gp. each) and 4 big ones (worth 20 gp. each). The oxen were 6 gp. each.

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