NAVAH: The Homecoming

The evening began with the party trying to get rid of the Halka Lord in the Dome of Darkness. Several unsuccessful attempts were made to banish it. In the days of planning, Josette unenchanted the Dancing Sword (releasing a Krepgan into the town) and the Sword of Woman Killing (the Lystdogga trapped inside fled back to his own plane). In doing so, she gained +1 MASS and +1 APP.

Ian kept one of +2/+2 broadswords and gave one to Glern. Ian gave one of his swords to Brendan.

Ian then attacked the Halka, using the ring of dark vision and Brendan’s +2 Earth Shield. Brendan shot his light ring in first, blinding the demon for three rounds. Two air daggers were sent in, but failed to hit anything. Josette resummoned Skortch and sent the fire elemental against the demon, but it did nothing. Ian managed to cut off the demon’s right arm and then hamstrung his right leg, causing him to disappear into a mist. The dome of darkness remained, even after George the Earth Elemental had disassembled it. He also closed off the entrance to the dungeon, so that locals wouldn’t hurt themselves. Ian put a silver arrow with a q on it in the darkness and told the locals that the heart of the demon was still in the darkness, and that it had great power but could also take you over. In the years to come, the Mystical Black Dome of Jellakar became a major attraction for visitors.

Ian gave Brendan the ring of darkvision.

On their way back to Restwell, they were joined by a black knight named Adrian, who would not raise his visor until he had fulfilled his quest, a search for a loved one in Restwell.

When they got back to Restwell, the town was under siege by vampires. Hegelina had returned and now sought vengeance. She had turned the top three NPC fighters in town (Two of the Atkynsons and Joner) and also had turned the Worcestre family, the enemies of the Atkynsons.

They arrived at night time and no one would let them in. Ian was attacked by one of the Worcestres and took a major hit to the chest. Josette healed him and then Glern took a major leg wound. While Ian tried to decide whether to open his box of rings and use the Ring of Hateful Strength, Brendan and Adrian sliced the vampire in half. Upset that he didn’t get to hit her, Ian tried to stab her, but she turned to smoke and fled too quickly. Josette healed Glern.

Parinita Heton showed up the next day to collect Brendan’s long overdue debt to Farbrath the Horse Trader and Jimric the Guardsman. Brendan settled his debt with the golden chamberpot, and she left the next day, though she does consider returning someday and seeing Brendan again.

The party then went out to the Worcestre cabin in the woods, looking for clues, but finding none. On the way back, the Great Boar followed them until Ian chased him off. Ian suspects the Great Boar of being behind the vampire attacks.

Josette sensed that Adrian was a powerful spirit, so Ian and Brendan quizzed him through the evening in the inn. At the end, Ian threatened Adrian, and the knight retreated to his room. Outside, Guang the artist came to visit his patron (Brendan) but they wouldn’t let him into the inn after dark, and the vampires killed him. In the morning, Guang’s body was found outside the inn, along with three new paintings he was bringing Brendan. A look of horror was still on Guang’s face. 

Alexios returned the next day with Balau, Pongnam, and Lorlop. They had come through The Pass and reported that most of the residents of Amidst had been killed by the Slicers, who were no longer seen anywhere.

Hammond Scawsby appeared to Brendan later in the day, warning him that Hegelina was seeking vengeance. Brendan didn’t remember her at all, and had to be reminded of that misadventure. Brendan tried to buy back his hat, so Scawsby retreated after telling him that the vampires were in the Darkrealms.

And there we ended for the night.

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