MERP: Mahala Redmane

One night, late at the Flippery Fish, gnoshing on finely browned tater tots, the party planned their next move. Three of Oldahr’s rangers — Sentalos, Avalas, Lintario – keep strangers from the table.  At the table is Elias (Sam Elliot), Oldahr, Bertram, Grafarlig, Tanuukkodol, and Jacklesprat Flutergork Whisperwhammer. Jacklesprat tells them that they can find Taleric Hammrammer at the Palace in the Sands, an ancient temple in the desert southwest of Dilgul. Jacklesprat said Taleric said to return to the beginning, and that is where his adventures with Taleric began, and where they went when things went south. In other words, Taleric was waiting for Vicini.

“This reeks of the ways,” grumbled Bertram. Encouraged, Oldahr dragged Bertram aside. “This hobbit is either lying or mad,” he explained.  “I think it would be better if you went to Shrel Kain and help put Elentaria down. A small team could sneak in and get her palantir.” “Then,” said Oldahr, “the right people can govern. The West should control the Rhunaer.

Elias pulled Grafarlig and Tanuukkodol to the side. “That hobbit can’t be trusted an inch,” said Elias. Instead, you should find out what is happening in the East? From Goktig?” “He was deep in a forest in Oldaer, but we couldn’t find him,” said Grafarlig. “I’d like to find him,” adds Elias. “The People of the East should be able to govern themselves. And we need to stop Delcaran.”

“Nah, let’s go south,” agreed the party. “If Delcaran gets ahold of that master palantir, the whole area is in trouble.” Tanuukkodol draws out from Jacklesprat that Taleric is out for himself, and generally an anti-hero if not an actual villain.

Bertram was silent. His deepness was very deep and his silence impressed the others not at all. Bertram then told Jacklesprat that Elias and Oldahr thought he was insane. The hobbit agrees that the party and he couldn’t trust Elias and Oldahr. “What am I,” said Grafarlig, “Chopped Liver?” “Oh no, I trust YOU, of course,” said Jacklesprat in a condescending way.

Bertram says, “We need some desert gear. I’m thinking black leather masks with metal spurs and long black leather straps…” “And a sun hat,” added Grafarlig. “Let’s go to Desert Equipment are Us,” says Tanuukkodol. “I just saw it across the street.” They picked up cloaks and pants and hats, but found little S&M gear. Bertram got special gear for when he changed into Ughthug. “Oh no, that’s going to have to be bigger,” commented Tanuukkodol.

Tanuukkodol advised Grafarlig to give Lord Windsor 50,000 s. to build a fleet against Elentaria. He told Lord Windsor to find Drogo, who would probably get him more. He also had her buy the party camels, saddles, and extra water bags for the trip to the Palace in the Sands.

The next day, the party headed out in the camel caravan to the deep desert just southwest of Dilgul. They had to cross a river first. Tanuukkodol helped the others manage their camels. That night the party had bad dreams, dreams that troubled them personally. Tanuukkodol felt an evil presence sweeping over the world. Bertram dreamed that six demons kept punching him in the head. Grafarlig dreamed that she woke up and everyone was gone, and that she was all alone. Jacklesprat slept great.

Jacklesprat cooked tater tots for breakfast. Jacklesprat leads them further and deeper into the desert. That night, Bertram sensed that someone was out in the desert watching them, during his night watch. There is a force, figures, surrounding the party. The party prepared their weapons. Tanuukkodol swings up into the saddle and spots the eight men around them.  “Identify yourselves,” he shouted in Ulgathig. “Kill them,” they returned. Tanuukkodol killed one and wounded two in the first round. Grafarlig chops off the top of one of their heads. Bertram strummed the happy harp to soothe his attackers. Two attackers pause, confused. One attacker sweeps up Jacklesprat and rides off with him on a camel. Tanuukkodol’s two other foes expire from their wounds.

Next round, Tanuukkodol puts an arrow through the throat of Jacklesprat’s abductor, killing him. Jacklesprat tumbles to the ground, and Tanuukkodol gathers up the camels of that one and the others dead (5 camels). Then he stopped Jacklesprat (who was fleeing into the desert) and rejoined the others. Two bandits had fled, one had given up, and Grafarlig had killed the others. Tanuukkodol questions the survivor. Upon learning that the bandit speaks Black Speech, is from the plains to the east, and was hired by Delcaran to get Jacklesprat, Tanuukkodol puts a spear through his head. “He was one of those I have fought all of my life, who served the evil ones,” says Tanuukkodol.

Tanuukkodol searches the saddle bags and finds 10 gp. total and pockets them. Bertram is enormously suspicious, as usual. Jacklesprat tells them that the men were from the Brygath tribe. Tanuukkodol told the hobbit that the bandits had been hired to take the hobbit back to Delcaran so he could be tortured to death.

The party heads on to the palace in the sands. There is one enclosure above ground (a house). The DM’s map is revealed for a moment against the light, showing that he has been using Dave’s Mapper to create a sideview dungeon. There is a nomad stationed in front of the door. Bertram distracts him with a calming song and Tanuukkodol knocks him unconscious and ties him up. “That’s Grendel Redmane,” says Jacklesprat. “There’s six to twelve of them, and they’re all scumbags. Mahala Redmane went with Taleric on his journey.” “Draven is dead already.” They strip Grendel, and Bertram wears his clothing. He has 20 s., 5 gp. Tanuukkodol cuts his throat outside and as he gurgles his last, he piles sand over him.

Jacklesprat leads them through the dungeon, avoiding traps and revealing secret rooms. In a secret room, they find a dagger of orc-slaying (+5 damage, and double criticals against an orc) and 1,000 bronze coins.

At the bottom of the dungeon is a group of six bravos relaxing next to an ancient statue. Mahala, now 70, is there as well. One guy is particularly tall and has darker hair.

Mahala, Taleric, Lomeilinde, Jacklesprat, and 9 other guys were on the initial trip. Lomeilinde left with Jacklesprat and Mahala. Taleric and the 9 guys went towards Tol Sulereb.

Bertram took off the clothing he stole and dragged Jacklesprat into the room. Grafarlig and Tanuukkodol hid in the room outside with their weapons.

Bertram asks Mahala for help finding Taleric and trying to find a palantir. The men start to surround Bertram. He talks about the mad elf and the siren as a danger to Middle Earth. Mahala says Elentaria has only six months to live and doesn’t want to deal with the other siren. Bertram then talks about Delcaran building a cult and amassing an army. Mahala says he must have a dark palantir. The four palantiri are from Torlumen, and she and the other stole them. Bertram tells her that Jacklesprat told Delcaran about Taleric. “When you need Taleric, he’s not going to be there for you,” says Mahala. If you put a palantir in the four corners of the Rhunaer. One in Shrel Kain, one in Lest, one in the Strand, and Torlumen. The master palantir is in Tol Sulereb and can control the others, and control the Sea of Rhun and from there the rest of the world. Taleric took a very pretty girl, whose clothes are in shreds, the daughter of Demetrios. 

Demetrios put his hand on Jory Barlen’s head and aged him extensively.  Tally put a sword in Jory’s eye. In the theft, they stole four palantiri.

  1. Jacklesprat took one, but lost it in cards to Lord Windsor, from whom Drogo stole it.
  2. Mahala took another. Draven took it and sold it to Elentaria. The party captured that one and gave it to Pallando, who gave it to Drogo.
  3. Lomeilinde took one. She threw it in Valaraukar’s lair.
  4. Taleric took one.

Mahala reveals that “Taleric is now one of the rangers, now under another name.” (Elias)

There’s a noise from above. Someone has come in from above.  All six boys headed up past the hidden Grafarlig and Tanuukkodol, to attack Delcaran. Mahala prepared for defense.

Tanuukkodol follows the men and takes a station at the top of stairs. Grafarlig is behind him. Three men come from either side, an archer, a swordsman, and a mage. He wounds an archer, and kills the mage on one side.

They run down to the room at the bottom of the stairs. Two of Tanuukkodol’s arrows are burned up by the warrior in the lead. The other hits the man in the head for 20 damage. Grafarlig and Ughthug attack him.  Grafarlig misses. The man misses. Ughthug is stunned.

Tanuukkodol holds his shots until the circle of flame goes out. Ughthug crushed the head of the man circled by flames, and then runs upstairs after the archer, with Grafarlig following. Grafarlig is stunned for a round by an arrow.

Mahala and Tanuukkodol meet and Mahala then follows Grafarlig.  Tanuukkodol follows her.

Grafarlig hits the archer in the head, killing him.

Delcaran is under the influence of the corrupted ring he wears and he talks just like this. Mahala goes to the top and raises her hand and an incredibly bright light comes from it, stunning him. Ughthug attacks and wounds him. Delcaran throws a fireball but fumbles and burns himself badly (losing his spell through fear of the attack), stunning himself. Grafarlig attacks him in the left leg for a grazing blow.

Ughthug himself and turns back into Bertram. Grafarlig wounded Delcaran.

One of the soldiers jumps the stairs and receives two arrows from Tanuukkodol, stunning him for two rounds.

A goblet falls out the sky and bonks Delcaran on the head. Bertram runs through the flames to escape. His clothing catches on fire. He falls unconscious.

RULE ADDITION: Unconsciousness is until -10 HP, and then can go another -15 because of his Stamina and then will die.

Grafarlig hits Delcaran in the torso, doing 9 damage. Delcaran casts a fireball and burns Grafarlig for 19 hp but 1 hp/round. Bertram is still on fire and takes another 8 damage.

Delcaran cries, saying, “It’s not my fault!” over and over. After the number of people he has killed, Tanuukkodol really doesn’t care, and shoots Delcaran in the eye. The second shot kills him.

The soldier weeps over Delcaran. Tanuukkodol shoots him again, and then strides over and kills him with his spear, stabbing him through his heart.

Grafarlig puts Ughthug’s fire out, and then does First Aid.

Tanuukkodol searches Delcaran and finds black rigid leather armor, a mahogany staff (magical), a ring (warm to the touch), and a single handed axe at this waist that looks evil. He’s resting his hands on an invisible thing, a palantir. Tanuukkodol puts the palantir in his backpack with the ring and gathers up the staff and axe. Then Tanuukkodol used 2 moon doses to bring Bertram back to consciousness, and then puts carpet moss on his burns to double his healing speed.

When the party goes downstairs to search for Mahalla and Jacklesprat, they are gone. Grafarlig looks in the faux fireplace and finds a secret passage way that leads downward. Mahalla & Jacklesprat have escaped.

They find 25 gp. in chests, a staff emanating with light, a pair of glasses on top of a bookcase, plus 12 dead acolytes in black rigid leather, plus 6 good longswords, some good longbows, plus 1,000 bronze pieces (worth carrying) plus 1,000 bronze pieces in the secret room. Plus Delcaran’s armor, and 3 of the Redmanes, plus Grendel’s.

Pallando has returned from Torlumen. He met with Demetrios. His garden was beautiful. Through one door is the ways to Tol Sulereb but it was pure black and deep underwater. He flung a hollow elf through the door and crushed under the great pressure. A vicious awful fish with serrated teeth was there. Demetrios said he would need a palantir to show the way.

Bertram takes the Staff of Healing and Nine Eyes (the fear axe). Tanuukkodol takes the glasses of herb finding. Tanuukkodol gives Pallando the Ring of Fire and also (after the others have left) the third palantir.

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