COC: Invading the Lodge, Again

On Mar. 7, the players first explored the home of disappeared Ben Anna, but were discovered there by a police officer staking out the place. Jack played Father O’Donnell, since Ben had disappeared. Jonathan Putnam was caught with his shotgun, and Joey Lewis with his .45, but thanks to Jonathan’s fast talking, the cop let them go.

The party then resolved to investigate the Lodge that night. James found information on the history of the Lodge, and they shared their various clues, discovering that the Lodge was probably built on the site of an ancient warlock’s tunnels. Joey and James bicycled through the dark, managing to avoid all of the drunk Lodge members in cars, but then running smack into each other.

They entered the Lodge after hours thanks to Lillian’s crowbar, and searched the basement, again fruitlessly, for the secret button that Jonathan swore was there. They then headed upstairs to the 2nd floor, looking for a way to get to the 3rd, supposedly off limits. Jonathan spotted a secret door and James opened it and the party went up.

Cthulhu Mural

They found multiple insane murals and James fled the house as a result. Father O’Donnell grabbed a pile of books of forbidden lore, and the party fled again. Jonathan and James began to read the only book they got that was in English, Cthulhu in the Necronomicon. Meanwhile, O’Donnell planned to blow up the Lodge, which he believed was a base of evil. Unfortunately, he had no explosive skill and no one would help him, so on March 8, he emptied about 200 shotgun shells of their powder, put it in a paper bag, and then tried to form a Plaster of Paris shell around the bomb. The plaster overheated the powder and Father O’Donnell blew himself and the rectory straight to his blessed reward. Meanwhile, an unknown person burned the Lodge to the ground.

Weeks passed, and on Mar. 22, after Etta’s arm healed, she and Lillian returned to the burned ruins of the Lodge to dig out the basement, with the help of Alpine Appleton (Jack’s third character). They found the lost tunnel and descended, where they encountered two tall and thickly muscled guards. They killed the guards, but Alpine was shot and knocked unconscious. Etta and Lillian continued to explore for a time, but ultimately decided that they should wait to explore further. They failed several First Aid rolls until Lillian’s final attempt, which was a success. They brought Alpine up from the tunnels and (eventually) to a hospital, where he healed over the next twelve weeks.

On June 13, Jonathan and James finished their book and promptly went insane. Jonathan found himself buck naked in the middle of Boston Common the next day, and James was again beaten within an inch of his life by attackers unknown. We suspect he is disliked by a local crew of rowdies. Both learned several spells, including the useful Elder Sign, but James is now worried by the existence of Deep Ones and Jonathan is convinced that Cthulhu is trying to drive him insane through his dreams.

It is now June 14, Monday. Alpine is fully healed, but James has lost half his hit points. Will the party now descend into the caverns? Are the ruins of the Lodge still undisturbed?

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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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