MERP: The Capture of Tulric Hammrammr

As the party fled, Feldenaith and five Dorwinian guards accompanied them. Tannukkodol put some carpet moss on Feldenaith’s wounds. Bertram and Tanuukkodol failed to do first aid on Feldenaith, but Grafarlig was successful. It became clear that some of the Dorwinians were planning to betray Feldenaith, now that he was injured. Crennel and Crispin were loyal to him, while Amauro, Jubbar, and Rialgo were not.

Watches were set in an effort to reduce the problem.

  • First watch: Tannukodol, Bertram, Amauro, & Jubbar
  • Second watch: Grafarlig, Crennel, Rialgo & Crispin

In the morning however, Rialgo killed Crispin and Crennel silently while Grafarlig failed her Notice rolls.  Feldenaith remained alive. Jubbar, Amauro, and Rialgo then launched a general assault on the party. Big mistake.

Tannukkodol stunned Amauro for two rounds. Bertram scared Jubbar with his Axe of Dread, and then hit him in the head. They then fought ineffectively for a while. Jubbar begged for survival. Bertram gave it to him, so Jubbar hit him in treachery and slashed his side, breaking Bertram’s rib.

Tannukkodol killed Amauro, then killed Rialgo because Grafarlig was taking too long. And finally, Jubbar.

There was little loot. There was a gem, 90 gp., 20 sp., 6.5 sp.  Bertram found a dagger of invisibility and used it for a short period (15 seconds) but then it ran out of a charge. The party later discovered it could charge 2-3 times more and could be invisible for up to 5 minutes.

Bertram told Feldenaith that they found 10 gp. on the dead bodies (a lie). Tannukkodol told Feldenaith that in his language (Old Wo-Man), Bertram would be known as Caluwon (“Truth Teller”). In fact, Caluwon means “Sack of Cow Poop.”

The party again gave Pallando the palantir recovered. Then they headed to the Elgear, to seek Tulric Hammrammr in a town called Frazzle, in an inn called The Bastard’s Knife. Everyone there was on drugs.

They next went to the Smoky Duck, where Elias was said to be staying. Two of his rangers, Boeri (a big Odreag) and Anna (his sister), were also there.  The party learned that Gren, a traitor to Elias, was at the Bastard’s Knife and that Elias was off searching for more information on Delcaran. Tannukkodol hit it off with Boeri and Anna, or so he thought. They told him that Elias was either at the town of Snobblebar or the Caverns of Light, which was in the opposite direction.

The party went to the Caverns of Light, a tourist attraction apparently, while Boeri and Anna went the other way to warn Elias, though the party didn’t realize that. At the caverns, the party rousted three goblins (Snork, Gork, Plork) out. They claimed that Elias had rousted them out of the Eastern caverns, which lay to the north. Actually they were lying. They were supposed to take the party to Harribel. And the goblins kept lying, saying he was at Snarkletark.

The party let the goblins live and sent them on their way. Probably shouldn’t have.

They then woke up Gren with a slimy Gerkin at the Bastard’s Knife. He told them that Elias was in the forest at the Hillsides. The party found him surrounded by Mahala Redmane and her family and attacked. Tannukkodol hit Bertram upside the head with his frying pan (despite the protestations of his player) and Bertram became Ughthug once more. He attacked first, killing one, and his player started enjoying playing him again. Tannukkodol went next, killing two and wounding one. Grafarlig killed another, impaling her axe in his head and having to take a round to pull her axe free. Then Gren, who accomplished nothing.

Three bandits attacked Ughthug, and he took 31 damage, mostly from the archers.  Mahala failed her spellcasting roll. Ughthug then killed another with a blow to the head. Tannukkodol killed one archer, wounded another, and then unfortunately hit Gren, puncturing his shoulder. Grafarlig killed another, once again sticking her axe in his head.

Tannukkodol tells Mahala and her men to stand down, leave their weapons and leave. They do, after Mahala argues that they should kill Elias to prevent Demetrios and others from getting his knowledge.

Cornered, Elias agrees to work with the party. It is clear that the secret that Tulric Hammrammr (aka. Elias) is still alive is no longer a secret. If Demetrios learns that Tulric is alive, he will come out to kill Tulric with his army. Tulric explains that Lomeilinde betrayed them and stole all the palantiri except the master one. They took one back from her. Lomeilinde had an item of power that could control the palantir, an Elven ring of power. Sahalia (Demetrios’s daughter) bankrolled the operation and led them in.  The children stolen by Morlumen were experimented upon and turned into monsters, werewolves, shapeshifters. Sahalia guided Tulric out, and Tulric sailed the ship. There is a fortress in the middle of Tol Sulereb and the master palantir is in the middle of Tol Sulereb. No one controls the master palantir. Travelling to the island will be next to impossible because of the perpetual storm that surrounds it. However, the storm ends a few hundred meters off the beach.

The party then plans several methods of getting to the master palantir. Ultimately, the plan is to use a palantir (under the control of the dwarvish ring of power that Tannukodol has secreted) to get through the storm, and then have Drogo scout the island by teleportation and flight. Once he has determined a safe teleportation route, he will return to the ship, and transport the party there, avoiding most of the monsters.

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