JOURNEYMAN: Meeting the Synth

The party continues to explore the Enterprise (NC1701), an alien starship filled with Saurian crew members, all dead for 1000 years.

On Deck 14, the party fell upwards from the turbolift. The gravity was reversed. Inside was a Saurian covered in blood, armed with a large stick. He had just beaten some crewman to death. Serena notices that he is wearing one of the uniforms they have seen him on the crew, a red one. They fail to understand each other.

Salakarshsnaparergersksislaalbil ( “Bill”) has killed a Cthulhoid in a stolen uniform. Bil recognizes the grey card that Chester carries as being a sign of rank.  Chester tries to control emotions but fails.  And then tries to read minds but fails. Tries to heal and fails.

Serena find a yellow uniform (Medical) in good condition.

Serena finds a food converter and eats it, then projectile vomits. Bil tries to repair Serena and jams a screwdriver into her neck doing 1 hp damage. Chester heals her and then draws on the ceiling with rope. The dikdak meanwhile eats the cthulhoid’s head.

Bil tries to repair himself and fails. As he turns a blowtorch on his head, the party tries to heal himself. Chester tries to heal Him, but seals the wound with sharp thorns. Bil laughs at Chester’s primitive nature.

Chester tries the food that Serena had and tries to stifle his projectile vomit but fails. The dikdak licks up the vomit. He tries to heal himself.

Chester has cast 7 spells so far

Serena opens a panel. Behind it is vines. Chester cuts some meat from the corpse and then presses the meat against it.

Serena tries to shape the vines. Doesn’t work.

Chester puts an octopoid leg in the food converter and it comes out cooked, with the toenails painted green. Chester eats some and loves it. Serena tries some but it doesn’t agree with her and she spews again.

Bil tries to draw the octopoid for Chester.

Chester gives some octopoid to the Dikdak but it spits it out and then slurps up the last of the vomit.

They all get in the turbolift. They go to deck 13. There is half gravity, 13 dead bodies, and a steady light. No computer. One of the creatures killed everyone but then shot off his head. They find another yellow uniform, a needler, and a medkit.

Chester casts object reading and then detect life.

9 spells so far. Chester’s Shakti is 12, so that’s how many spells he can cast in one day.

There is a yellow pile of tasteless grits. Serena tastes it but leaves it.

Chester summons a harpy, whereupon he has Bil smash it. He does. It is infected with Typhoid.

They go down to deck 12. There is no gravity, but the lights and computer are.  There are no dead bodies.

They find a green bowl (mushy peas) but Serena thinks it is super nasty. Dikdak rejects it as well although Bil thinks it is candy.  They get three bowls ultimately. They decide to camp here. Chester goes to sleep while Serena and Bil guard. Then Serena goes to sleep and Chester guards, but Bil still stays up. And at that point the language translator kicks in and they are able to understand each other. Bil realizes that it is a universal translator.

Bil orders a bowl of black beetles and eats it up. Serena refuses it.  Chester tries one but kills it first and crunches down the large palm roach.

Chester orders hairrarerare. A large hairy pig ass shows up, slowly oozing some sort of mucus.

Chester eats it, and a huge spurt of mucus flies into his hair, the meat emits a loud fart, and then Chester begins retching uncontrollably.

Serena rolls her eyes and then orders “bread.” She gets a nice loaf of farmer’s bread with a slice of butter on the side.

Chester heals himself. He then orders cheesemeat. He gets cheezy tripe with a side of queso. He makes his WILL rolls and tries it. He retches again.

Chester orders a lambshank. There is a delightful leg of lamb with a mint jelly on the side. Finally.

The computer talks to them and tells them to go to Medical lab 2 on Deck 16 to fix Bil’s head. They talk to them for a long time.

Med lab android 2 is insane and ties Bil to the operating table. Bil and he fight to the death. Bil kills the android, but loses use of his right leg in the same time. Dikdak licks up all the green blood that is released.

They take Bil to the Med lab 1. But he can’t get healed because he is a synth. Then he jams a screwdriver in his head (Fumbled Repair). She tells him to go to the science lab on Deck 2.

They tell the robot to fix the turbolift. He ruins it. Then Bill has him destroy it. Now they have to climb the ladders to the upper floors. The climb the ladder to deck 15.  There are 13 dead bodies. There is a poison gas grenade, a blaster, and a paralysis pistol.

They go up to deck 14, 13, and 12, where they order tater tots.

They have to go up to Deck 8 and then go to the primary hull and take the turbolift to deck 2.

It is dark on Deck 11, with gravity, no computer.

Chester orders Slashens Flambe, are burning papery husks. The alarm klaxons go off. Chester orders the Slashen Flambe removed. The sprinkler system comes on. Then the scutter removes the Slashens.

Bil orders some Brandy and creates a torch with the Slashens Flambe.

Meanwhile Serena sees the ghost of a Seveysas cutting its wrists.

Then up to Deck 10.  The lights work and the computer, but there is no gravity.

There is one body, no loot. And a workbot that doesn’t work.

Then up to Deck 9, an auxiliary machinery room. Half gravity and no light. 6 bodies. 1 with loot. Laser pistol. That’s where they stop, for now.

Deck 8 is a separation level, between real levels. No gravity, no light, no computer.

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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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