Old Wômarin Dictionary, detailing the language of the Farthest East in Middle Earth

This dictionary was developed from the words shared at http://merp.wikia.com/wiki/Old_Wômarin, but builds upon those.  Old Wômarin was descended from Dragon Speech (D.S.) and bears a great resemblance to that language, so the Wômaw were essentially speaking Auld Wyrmish. I created this for my character, Tanuukkodol, an Easterling who followed the wizard Pallando. Tanuukkodol was of the Wômaw people (http://merp.wikia.com/wiki/W%C3%B4maw) who had fled west to the plains along with Pallando. Alatar, the other Blue Wizard, had turned to evil and remained in the East. Here is the Excel file for it (Easterling Womarin Dictionary3b) as well. If you actually make use of this, please let me know in the comments, as I can’t imagine anyone ever will!

Old Wômarin English
A Womb 
Aalk, Âlk  Hold, Fortress (“strong womb”)
Aayiig, Ayîg  Cave (“earth womb”)
Ac  Of, Born of
Aceer, Acêr  River (gentle, suitable for boating, “of water”)
Adiin Riit, Adîn Rît  Period of Ordering
Aed  Helm
Aen  Song
Alk Strong
Ams  River (swift-running, with rapids)
Arg  Isle
Arg-Sîmorîg Island of Sweet-Ember
Ark Hate, Hatred
Arx  Iron
Arxdu  Smith (“Bringer of Iron”)
Awdu  Air, Skies (“Bringer of Blessings”)
Awg  Order, Circle, Cult
Awm  Fields
Bâs Hollows
Brôd  Hills (rocky hills, good sheep country)
Brôdan Hill lands
Bu  Old
Bulchyades Place of Battle
Chaur  Hope
Chaurka  Bane of Hope
Chi  Touch
Chiig, Chîg  Flame, heat (“Touch of Sun”)
Chyan Land of Fighters or “Fighting Folk”
Cuiva  Archive
Cuivac Ancients
Cuivac Wômaw Memory of the Gifted People
Daag, Dâg  Blade
Dalpygis Land of the White Oxen
Dem  Light
Demiik, Demîk  Idea, Thought (“touch of light”)
Desdursy Steppe-Children
Desdursyton Plain of the Steppe-Children
Drûl Chaurka Seer and Bane of Hope
Drûs  Empire, dominion, reach (“All that is seen”)
Druul, Drûl  Interpreter, Seer
Eog  North-stone
Er Water
Ga Dread, Fear
Gaark, Gârk  Hated One (“one who is hated”)
Gaath, Gâth  Dreaded One (“one who is dreaded”)
Góa Blessings (bestowed)
Góak  Blessed places (“place where blessings are bestowed”)
Góakaw  People of the bestowed blessings
Haen Realm, Geographical district, tribal moiety
Heb Aarân Place of Gold, or Golden Place
Hion Lord, chieftain, king pl. hiona, hioni
Hionvar  Empress, High Queen, pl. Hionvara
Hionvor pl. hionvori  Emperor, High King, pl. Hionvora
Hôrl  Forest, Trees
Hurm  Blood
Ik, Ig Sun
Ka Enemy, Bane, Foe
Kaag, Kâg  Mayor, Master (beloved master)
Kael  Coast (approachable, where a boat can be landed)
Kaelann Southern Coast, Motherland
Kan Victory, Glory
Kanga  Lord, Beloved War Leader (“Victorious One”)
Karn  Hills (gentle hills, farms possible)
Kârn Ôrd Lost Hills
Khomôl  Ghost
Kôd  Sky 
Kôd Ultor,Utumkôdur Golden Skymother (a golden dragon, dau. Of Ancalagon)
Kôdga He of the Sky (“Sky one”)
Kôdol Sky son (“Son of the sky”)
Kodûr  Skyfather
Krawaan Covelands
Kraw  Cove (a sheltered port)
Krawaan (later Krawaan Goak) Covelanders, one of the 4 Wômaw tribes (aka. Coastlanders)
Krawaan Góak Blessed People of the Covelands
Kykurian Kyn Black Land of the Black and Red Cryers
Laasi, Lâsi  Speech, language
Laath, Lâth  Position, Title
Laen  Gift of Glass, Volcanic glass
Leer, Lêr  Maker
Lôcha  Never ending glen
Lôkhas Drûs Dominion of Never-Ending Glens
Lú Tyr Sû  Open place of Icy blue Mist
Lygar Kraw Rainy Cove
Maur  Demons
Monarlan  Dear Exalted Mother
Muul, Mûl  High Priest (of Utomkodur)
Naag, Nâg  Swamp
Narig (later Móak or Móakaw) one of the 4 Wômaw tribes
Ol Letter
Olias  Word (“a hand of Letters”), pl. Oliyas, Olyas (Writings)
Olyas Kriis Golden Words, Golden Writings
Olyas, Oliyas Writings (“many letters”)
Ord, Ôrd  Lost
Orgothraath Cold Stone Land
Oweer, Owêr  Sea (“Great Gulf”)
Saer  Birthplace, Home
Shry  Mind, pl. Shrya
Shryac  Memory, Talisman (“Mind born”)
Soei, Soey  Dragon
Stoy  Firedrake
Suurk Kaelaan (later the Surk-Wômaw) Wandering Folk (Wanderers from the Southern Coast)
Suurk, Sûrk  Wanderer, Refugee
Tanuuk, Tanûk  Runner
Tanuukkôdol Young Skyrunner (“Runner who is a son of the sky”)
Thuriac Codya, Thuriac Home of the Holy Sky, largest island of Middle Earth
Turi, Thury Earthquake
Turiak, Thuryac  Land (“Earthquake born”)
Tyr Mist-people
Uax Icy Claw
Ul, Ûl  Male, Man
Uon  Cloud
Urd Keep
Utum  Golden
Vaalg, Vâlg  To desert
Vâg Place of Deaths
Valg Deserted ones
Vor  High (m.)
Vra  Rock, pl. Vraa
Vraak, Vrâk  Coast (Rocky, no port, “Rock born”)
Weer, Wêr  Gulf
Wôm Minds, one of the 4 Wômaw tribes
Wôm Shryac Home of the Mind
Wômac Those of the Home, one of the 4 Wômaw tribes
Womaw, Wômaw  Best People, Gifted People
Wômawas Drûs Dominion of the Gifted People
Womul, Wômûl  Gift (Natural gift)
Yig Earth, Soil

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