JOURNEYMAN: The Final Chapter aboard Ship

The party started on deck 8 of the Dorsal section. There was no gravity, no light, and no computer, until they reached the Jungle, which took up the bulk of Deck 8 in the Primary Hull. In the jungle, there was full lighting, limited computer functioning (simplest tasks only), and half gravity. There were two turbolifts — the one on the right was fully functional, the one on the left operated erratically. There was a airlock door to the computer room between them, which would only open for the captain or chief science officer. All of this, unfortunately for the players, was in the center of the deck, which meant crossing the Jungle to get there. And the Jungle was the most dangerous place on the ship.

Chester joyously leapt ahead of the rest of the party (Dikdak, Bil, and Serena). His joy soon ended. He landed directly in front of an Umber Hulk, frightening and angering it. It ripped out his groin in self-defense and Chester dropped, bleeding to death. Bil approached cautiously and dragged his body away, while the Hulk retreated into the jungle whining.

Umber Hulk miniature from Grenadier

It would take too long to return to the med lab, since Chester was bleeding out and they estimated he had only 15 minutes to live, so the party forged forward, hoping to find another med lab. Instead, they encountered a Froghemoth, but were able to drive it off with a poison gas grenade. For the rest of the session, the Froghemoth hid in the lake, coughing from its chlorine gas damaged lungs. It avoided the party and they avoided it. Detente. The party found the main computer, and wasted a good deal of time there looking at maps of the ship that the computer kindly provided. Chester’s player kept urging them to hurry up.

Froghemoth, a monster from the Barrier Peaks module

They took the left turbolift up to level 2, but once there, could not figure out how the Bio Lab might provide healing machinery. The computer didn’t function on that level, and Chester had been their sole medic. As a result, Chester died on the trip back to the Med Lab in the Secondary hull (a long trek), where the Med Synth pronounced him dead, permanently. The party insisted on saving him, so she attached an electronic crown that was able to move Chester’s body. He needed a new brain, but Serena was still using hers, so the Med Synth cut out the Dikdak’s brain and put it in Chester’s head. Chester’s body now became the Dikdak, with reduced biting, hiding, and climbing skills. Chester could not talk, despite his player’s insistence that Bil had a universal translator and that it would be funny (ala Disney’s Doug). The Dikdak was wearing Chester’s clothing, so when he went to piss against a globe palm, he wet his pants instead. Chester’s player became more unhappy.

The party next went to deck 4 of the primary hull, and found three sport training synths. I had Chester choose one randomly as his new character, and he ended up with the fencing synth, which he named Sword. Sword had become odd in the last thousand years of neglect. In other words, he was now self-aware and self-actuating. He joined the party. Serena and Bil left him alone with the Dikdak, which was unfortunate, as Sword “sworded” Chester’s body over and over. The party had already run into one Mind Flayer in a ship’s uniform, and the computer had now told them that there were at least 20 of the creatures trying to take over the ship. The party resolved to stop them.

Mind Flayer attacks the party in Barrier Peaks

Serena and Bil took the turbolift up to the Bridge where the Mind Flayers were based, opened the door, and then fired. Bil killed one of the Mind Flayers, but Serena was shot in the chest. Bil closed the lift and fled down to level two, where he was able to repair her in the Biology Lab. Serena hid in the Biology Lab and waited to shoot when the door opened next. Bil and Sword waited on either side of the lift (which had left and gone up to the Bridge). The Mind Flayers were at a disadvantage, because neither Synth was vulnerable to psionic attack. They evened the score with a superior knowledge of the ship. When the turbolift opened, a giant workbot exited, and the Mind Flayer Commander ordered it to “Kill! Destroy!” Bil shot his blaster at the robot, but did no damage. Sword attacked the robot, but also did not damage it. Bil tried to get the robot to kill the “Octopoids” but the Commander countermanded that. The Mind Flayers shot Bil and Bil shot the one closest. Bil killed him, but his legs were destroyed and he dropped. Bil tried to shoot the Commander next but the Mind Flayers destroyed him with shots to his chest and arms. Sword dodged into the turbolift and the Worker Robot gutted the Commander by accident when it tried to get Sword. Sword stooped to grab the Commander’s grey card, and the other two Mind Flayers (the Right & Left Arms of the Commander) shot Sword as he did so, damaging his left leg slightly and putting his right arm out of commission. Sword dodged out of the lift and ordered the bot to kill the other two, which it did very messily. With the Mind Flayer away team killed, the rest of them were left leaderless (very Star Trek), and they fled the ship back to their raiding vessel and departed. Which is just as well, because once Sword had Captain status, he ordered the computer to flood all other rooms (except the one with Serena) with poison gas, and then later flushed the gas out. The Jungle suffered badly, but the Yellow Man and Vegepygmies were untroubled. The Froghemoth simply dove to the bottom of the lake for a time.

Sword then took Bil over to the synth repair lab, leaving Serena in the bio lab. He tried to get the Worker Bot to repair Bil, but it made a mess of it, and he was forced to give up. He went to get Serena, and she fired as he opened the door, but luckily missed (as always). Over the next two years, Serena learned Synth Repair and worked on Bil, getting him functional again. Meanwhile, Sword wandered the ship, exploring. He found the Yellow Man had killed many Vegepygmies with his diseases, but Sword was only looking for Octopoids, so he unfortunately let the Yellow Man follow him back upstairs, killing most of the remaining creatures in the Jungle. Sword killed the Yellow Man before he reached Serena, and the party then cleaned up the ship using worker bots and scutters.

After Bil recovered, he used his knowledge of the Vegepygmie language to build an alliance with them, and Sword trained them in fencing. Eventually, the Vegepygmies became the new crew, working to repair the ship but also spreading the Jungle throughout it. Serena aged and eventually died, whereupon Bill and Sword propped her up in a seat on the Bridge. The two Synths and their Vegepygmie crew wandered the cosmos for years. Serena moldered away, and the Vegepygmies grew mushrooms on her, which were deemed sacred.

Vegepygmie crew of the Enterprise

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