MERP: The Tomb and After

The party entered the tomb and there were six or more traps. The walls were lined with tombs, stacked two high in the walls. At the end of the room were three large sarcophagi. The names on them were Jeston, Grendo, and Bellage, local heros.

Ruti led the way. Sigrbrand cast detect traps again and found none. Guthbrand gave him 200 s. in recompense for misjudging Sigrbrand as a smelly paranoid wild man, for which Sigrbrand thanked him. Then he urged them forward, and Ruti and Guthbrand scouted ahead.

Ruti noted that a tomb on the left side seemed to have been moved recently. There was no dust on it. Sigrbrand was sure it was a secret door, but Ruti opened it and found it was a tomb with a body in it. It was Sontaran, the guard at the gate. His skin was pale and he seemed dead less than 24 hours.

“Hey guys,” said Laharai, who had followed the party. Sigrbrand’s spell identified an invisible man behind Laharai. “Drop to the ground Laharai,” shouted Sigrbrand. He then fired an arrow at the figure, who dropped dead to the ground, an ancient gnarled man. Another shadowy figure fired at Sigrbrand, causing a small wound. The figure then cast a pelt onto a trap, at which point various tombs start to make noise as the dead came to life. Sigrbrand returned fire and hit the fleeing figure in his leg. He also recognized the voice of the injured man, though he could not put a name to the voice.

Guthbrand ran after the fleeing man. Sigrbrand knelt next to the old man and searched him. He noted that the old man had a false eye, so he plucked it out. Then he tossed the old man’s body over his shoulder and grabbed Laharai’s wrist, pulling him after him as he fled the tomb.

Guthbrand called to Perry, who responded by coming into the open. Laharai, Sigrbrand, and Ruti made it out the door and barred the door behind them. Sigrbrand searched the old man while Laharai and Ruti watched the tomb to make sure no one got out. 5 traps inside were set off by the undead. Sigrbrand found an exquisite jewel in a pouch on the old man’s belt, so the Beorning slipped it into his own pouch secretly.

Guthbrand mounted Perry and tried to chase the shadowy figure. Guthbrand couldn’t control the horse, which delayed their chase, and they lost the foe.

Sigrbrand, Laharai, and Ruti fled to the gate. The guard refused to believe the undead had come to life, so Sigrbrand closed the gate. Ruti got to the top of the wall and saw about 20 undead coming from the tomb. Laharai was losing it. The guards still didn’t believe so Sigrbrand grew to 150% of normal size and closed the other gate. The guards freaked out, both from his size growth and from the dead ancient man on the ground. Finally they recognized a man ten years dead coming towards them and prepared to fight them off.

Guthbrand was trapped outside and mounted on Perry tried to attack the dead, but he failed his Ride and fell off his warhorse. He managed to remount Perry and slashed at the dead around him.

Ruti and Sigrbrand fired arrows at the dead from the parapet. After they have some success, the guards regained their morale, joined them, and decimated the dead.

With the defeat of the dead, the guards cheered the party as heroes and then called for Aidrid to come. The party hoped that Aidrid would recognize the dead wizard, but he did not.

When Guthbrand asked about the cottage near the tomb (where he had chased the shadowy figure), Aidrid explained it was the home of Rayden Hold, the bowyer, who came to town six months ago. He extolled Rayden’s virtues and his donations to the town.

Sigrbrand worked to get money for continuing the investigation. They agreed on 20 gp. and 3 goats from Aidrid, with 10 gp. up front (1000 s. so that was 333 sp. each).

Sigrbrand snuck up to Rayden Hold’s cottage and looked through the glass window. He was angered by the pelt of a cave bear on the floor. Then he snuck around to the back of the cabin where he found a secret entrance. He then reported back to the party.

Ruti and Sigrbrand went to the secret entrance while Guthbrand went to the front door. Ruti and Sigrbrand entered the house and found a journal in the back room. The writing was in Aduneaic. Sigrbrand cast Text Analysis 2 and read it.  There were notes on Aidrid, the dusky woman (whom Rayden didn’t know was Tallhy), Sontaran, Sahail, & John Tinon. He remarked on their ability to use artistry (Sigrbrand correctly assumed this meant magic). There was a brief list of names (Dorak, Feral, Dunbolds) with money amounts as if receiving payment from them. Rayden also had notes of their plans (i.e. the Master of Truth’s plans), and said that “These one-eyed men have been employed by the Master of Truths to spread the truth.”

Sigrbrand pocketed the notebook and then they went into the next room. Ruti found a small pouch in the cupboard with coins (2 gp., 18 sp.). They took it.

An arrow flew towards Guthbrand and did five damage to his arm. At the same moment, Ruti was trapped by a magic trap in the house. Sigrbrand pulled her on the bear rug towards him, but she was still trapped and had to wriggle out of it herself.

Guthbrand took another hit to his head and was stunned for two rounds. After Sigrbrand and Ruti exited the house, Sigrbrand successfully cast Sleep 10 against the archer. Guthbrand then rode over and spotted a man in a Cloak of Elvenkind. Guthbrand pointed him out to the others and all attacked while the man was recovering from the Sleep spell. Sigrbrand stabbed him in the side, Ruti hit him in the arm, and Guthbrand rode in on Perry and slashed the man in the right leg.

Rayden Hold (for it was he) yielded and dropped to his knees. Sigrbrand recognized his voice as the man in the tomb, so Sigrbrand ordered him to drop his weapons and cloak. Rayden claimed he had done nothing wrong. When confronted about the events in the tomb, he blamed the attack on Feral, the old man. While Guthbrand pumped him for information, Sigrbrand picked up Rayden’s stuff (Cloak with +10 Stalking, +10 DB, and a +15 Composite Longbow) and put them into a sack.

Rayden explained that he served the Master of Truth (out of character, we recognized the Master as Alatar, the last of the five wizards in Middle Earth, who ruled from the Furthest East). The Master used Gondorian acolytes to serve him. Rayden ferried agents across the river. He identified people with magical abilities who might oppose the master and killed them. Cosin worked for the Theladrins and for Gondor, so he had to die. “No one has to die,” yelled Ruti. At just that moment, Sigrbrand (who had worked his way around behind Rayden) cleaved the ranger down with a devastating attack from the rear.

“What the hell?!” shouted Guthbrand. “We were getting information from him! Now how will we prove he was responsible?” Sigrbrand shrugged and went inside the cottage to search again. He found a silver handled knife (20 sp), and an additional 3 gp, 10 sp. Lifting up a rug, he found a trap door down to a tunnel that led to the grove of tree outside the house where Rayden met his end. The money from the cottage totaled 5 gp 28 sp, which is 528 sp., so each person received 176 sp.

The party agreed to tell Aidid that Rayden was the guilty one. Ruti and Guthbrand went to speak to Aidid while Sigrbrand went to talk to the dusky woman (Tallyh). Ruti and Guthbrand noted that a bunch of rough guys had just arrived in town.

Since Perry was not allowed in the Speaker’s House, the guards brought Aidrid out to Ruti and Guthbrand. They showed Aidrid the journal of Rayden. Aidrid was stunned when they said that they killed Rayden. Aidrid said they must blame Cosin because no one would believe that Rayden was evil. Guthbrand get the rest of the reward — 10 gp and 3 goats. That would be another 333 sp for each of the party, if they divided it.

Sigrbrand put on the Cloak and swaps out his bow for Rayden’s, then snuck over to the inn. Rangnor and Breor are there, along with a big man with a club and a woman with a bow. Sigrbrand, unseen, signaled to Tallyh to meet him outside. He warns her that she was being hunted by Rayden, but that he was now dead and not a threat. She was grateful and shared some information as well. She was from the Hardarin, followers of the ancient one chained in the void (Melkor) who believe he will return to end the world. Soon. They await the watershed moment. The Master of Truth hopes to build power and fight the ancient one when he returns. She didn’t know who the Master is but thinks he is the last of the wizards. She also knew who the last Thaladrin was. She named the barmaid, in return for Sigrbrand putting in a good word for her with the barmaid, whom she was attracted.

Sigrbrand snuck out of town safely and met up with Ruti and Guthbrand, who had done the same. Guthbrand killed one of the goats and ripped off a leg to give to the stable boy, who was terrified and ran away. After much arguing over their plans, Sigrbrand agreed to sneak back into town to get the barmaid, while the others waited downstream by the river with the horses.

Sigrbrand snuck back but found the inn in shambles. The big man was dead, as was Breor. Sigrbrand went upstairs just in time to see the woman with the bow charge into a room. He followed, and found the woman and Rangnor cornering the barmaid, Sahail. Sigrbrand cast Sleep on both, and put Rangnor to sleep. Then he attacked the woman but failed to do much damage. Luckily, Sahail killed the woman with a knife. Sigrbrand gave the passcode (““Dawn is prone to rising, at least for those who keep it safe”) and Sahiel agreed to follow him out of town. They returned to the rest of the party, then returned to the Vane to meet with Mienna.













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