COC: The Sword, the Ghouls, & the Man who walked into the Danube

We’ve been getting ready to move, so although we’ve been playing, I haven’t had much time to write up the games. Here’s a brief summary of the two last sessions in COC.

Endeavour escaped from the sailors attempting to kill him, but the party never uncovered who they were, or why the purser and captain were unable to uncover them. Felix Fuda’s party and their own parted ways in Lisbon, and our three heroes went by train to Vienna.

Paracelsus with sword

In Vienna, they attended the auction as ordered, but the theft of the sword of Paracelsus (pictured above) by ghouls stopped it for a day. The party began an investigation of the theft. Billy killed a drunk while wandering in the sewers, and then the party was attacked by creatures who injured Billy and Joyce badly (Endeavour had fled in terror). At the last moment, Billy had inscribed an Elder Sign that protected them.

The auction continued the next night. For Jonathan Putnam, the party purchased The Magus (1801) for £180, Prodigies in the New England Canaan (1700s) for £620, and an Inuit medicine bag for £470. Billy was curious about what was in the bag, but Joyce warned him it was death to look into a shaman’s medicine pouch. So instead, he poured out the contents on the table. There wasn’t much interesting, so he shoved it all back in, or most of it anyways. Of course, opening the bag destroyed its power, so that was £470 wasted. They shipped the materials back to Putnam.

For themselves, they purchased Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Dead for £10 and a Hand of Glory for £20. They were unable to find the spells to activate the Hand in the library.

The investigation continued, and after Endeavour followed a man who walked into the Danube and vanished, they found the man who ordered the ghouls to steal the sword. He did it to exchange for a spell to raise his dead wife. The spell was not what he thought it was, but he was content, and the sword went to the secretive retainer of a Romanian patron. The party captured the man and the standard good cop, insane cop played out, complete with plans for his torture. Eventually, they relented but kept him locked up while they went into the ghoul tunnels, where they were attacked and Joyce injured badly for a third time. They retreated to the hospital to get repaired (again) and the villain escaped, joining the ghouls with his somewhat less dead wife.

The party now must pursue the retainer. They have also received a letter from Prof. Fuda, who apparently is another of Putnam’s agents. In it, Fuda asks them to investigate a Romanian noble. Is it too much to hope that the retainer is connected to that particular noble?

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