COC: Knock Knock Knocking on the Castle Door

The party is joined by Roger Leach, another archaeologist sent by Putnam and Prof. Fuda to aid the adventurers against the Baron.

At first, they reconnoiter the gorge. Joyce falls and badly bruises her derriere on the rocks, but Endeavour finds a secret door. They explore the antediluvian tunnel only to be stymied by an unpassable iron door. Billy decides they should just go to the front door and knock, which they do, to their sorrow.

The Baron and his servant Karl greet them and the Baron gives them a tour of the castle, at first having them give Karl their weapons. They go to visit the wine cellar and the Baron reveals that it is instead a prison and orders them to enter. They resist, and an invisible tentacled monster forces Joyce, Roger, and Billy into the cell, knocking Joyce unconscious, driving Roger temporarily insane, and breaking Billy’s right leg. Endeavour empties his .32 into Karl’s chest, but Karl is unmoved and tosses Endeavour in the prison cell as well.

The Baron then reveals himself. “I am older than I look, older than any of you can imagine. I was born in Germany, in Franken, years ago, and I brought my people here to build this castle. I have had many many names, and no one now knows my true name. You have heard some of my names — Rattenfänger von Hameln, Herr Frankenstein, etc. But you are Americans and uneducated. Let me explain. I am the Pied Piper of Hamelin. I am Dr. Frankenstein. Vlad Țepeș is but a servant. I am terror and you will come to know me well. You will not enjoy the experience. Or you can serve me — the choice is yours. It matters little to me.“ He then leaves for some pastry before torturing the party to death.

Karl returns and with the aid of the invisible creature, puts Billy into the torture room and straps him down. Then he comes for Endeavour, but Endeavour manages to slip free. Karl chases him through much of the castle, until Endeavour comes to the Baron’s bedroom, surprising him. He shoots the Baron in the leg and then makes the mistake of giving a speech and making threats. The Baron casts a spell and falls dead, but a tendril of… something.. floats towards Endeavour, who fires round after round into it. To no avail. The tendril touches Endeavour and his spirit is lost. The Baron has a new body.

 The Baron is angry though, and returns to the dungeon to torture Billy. Billy makes his luck roll, and Karl comes in. The Baron is even angrier with Karl and takes him to another room to punish him, but only after breaking Billy’s other leg with a sledgehammer. At this moment, Joyce uses the time proven method of slapping Roger into sanity, and the the NPC John Kopeche frees them both. They free Billy and flee.

Again, they make their luck rolls and the Baron decides not to pursue, but instead to carry forward with his main plan. 

The party travels to Cluj-Napoca to save Billy. The doctors there do their work well, and he heals over the next six weeks. The party does more Library Research, and buys more weapons. Next time they will bring dynamite.  Sooner or later, it always comes down to dynamite.

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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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