COC: Assault on the Castle

After returning from Cluj-Napoca, the party found the little town of Deva in terror. A week or so after they had left, a carriage from the castle flew through town, driven by an “om negru,” which Sveja translated as “a dark man.” The town also came under assault of the wolves, and two children had been killed. The party, now rearmed with sword (Billy), shotgun (Roger), and blowtorch (John), looked for the wolves to see if they could help. Sword and .38 proved ineffectual, and even Evan’s direct hit to a wolf’s head at point blank range made no impact. They could not be harmed by normal weapons. Roger’s right thigh was savaged before they made it safely into the inn, where they waited for Lazlo’s visit on Saturday. Lazlo proved untalkative, which was highly dissatisfying to the party. They began to discuss finding Jan Savechik’s grave and, in sotto voce, recovering any heathen artifacts he may have taken with him. Billy engraved an elder sign on the door of the tavern in order to test whether the wolves would be repulsed by it. When it became clear to the innkeeper Drobne that this would entail leaving the inn door open for the wolves, he exiled the party to the barn, where they enscribed another elder sign on the door. This time, they did not test it.

The party then made two forays into the graveyard to find the tombstone of Jan, but discovered there was none. In order to question the cardinal, Roger went to the inn, only to find it locked and three wolves pursuing him. He blasted one of the window’s shutters with his shotgun, but was only able to crawl halfway in. As the wolves closed in, Drobne pulled him angrily inside and reinforced the window with several chairs. Roger then questioned the cardinal, who affirmed that Jan was interred in the Christian manner, but that he had no grave marker. This befuddled Roger, and he returned carefully to the barn. He hoped to take some of Drobne’s delicious sausages with him, but the innkeeper refused him.

Now without food for a day and a half, John convinced the party to attack the castle. After all, there was food there.  They attacked the lowest arrow slit shutter with a crowbar and climbed inside one by tortuous one. Once inside, they realized that the first in could have simply open the door, something that Joyce had considered but that the men had not heard. They found the kitchen and ate heartily, though the sight of pastries terrified Roger, a memento of their previous incarceration by the Baron.

They began exploring the apparently abandoned castle in earnest. John found a secret panel and entered it so quickly that no-one saw where he went. On his own, he explored the tower and its secrets, gathering a book he could not read, an elder sign, two bottles of a golden liquid, and other items of interest. The party moved on and eventually found the Baron’s bedroom, although they did not find his secret library. Roger was horrified by the book on torture he found, so he loaded himself down with the weighty tome. They did not take the time to explore the great library in the dining hall.

The party rejoined on the stairs from the third floor, and Roger decided to try one of the bottles. He sipped at the contents and froze. Unmoving but unharmed (apparently), he was encased in some transparent unbreakable material. The party carried him along, returning to the Baron’s bedroom. There, John found the secret library and Joyce joyfully pushed past him and gathered up a number of items, including volume 1630s and 1920s of the Baron’s private journals. She found an 1860 map of Egypt, with two spots marked as “Well” and “Tomb.” She recognized it as being near a dig that her colleague Prof. Holloway had undertaken. They then continued their explorations, with Roger being carried between John and Billy. Roger came back to himself, unharmed, at the top of the stairs.

They discovered the monstrous Karl Stolze and some woman dressed like Cleopatra in the west wing. They immediately attacked Karl, though he showed no aggression. John shot him several times in the groin with a .38, Roger blasted him with the shotgun and shredded his left thigh, and Billy stabbed him several times in the chest with his rapier. Karl fell to his knees. The woman attacked the party screaming at them to stop, but they only threatened to kill her as well. She fled into her bath. John questioned Karl as to the location of his master but all Karl could tell him was that the Baron had gone to America. Roger had reloaded his shotgun and decided to finish him off. Karl was able to grab the shotgun when Roger tried to execute him, and turn the weapon on his attackers. Karl was an awful shot, and the party managed to dodge out of the way. Karl crushed the shotgun in his bare hands. Roger dodged by him after the woman, but found her gone. Searching, he found a secret panel and followed her into the portrait gallery, while Karl crawled after him and John and Billy continued to damage him. John blew a bit of his skull off, but Karl kept coming. At the end of the gallery, Roger ran into Yerkzy, Jerzy, and Lazlo. Roger retreated and managed to dodge both Yerkzy and Karl as he ran past him again. The party fled back to the barn, pursued first by Lazlo and his flunkies, and then by wolves. They barely made it back to the barn. They determined to return to the castle and kill every living thing next time.

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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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