COC: Nyogtha, and the Valley of the Winds

The party returned to Cluj-Napoca to purchase another shotgun for Roger, to find a translator for the various German items they had found, and to send another pointless telegram to Jonathan Putnam.  Afterwards, they return to Deva, where Angie McQuinn, Endeavour’s daughter, joins them. A brilliant psychoanalyst, she views her father’s belief in the unnatural as just another manifestation of the twisted and neglectful mind.

The party returns to the Castle, and finds it apparently abandoned. They recover a framed Islamic quotation on the Baron’s bedroom wall, and then descend to the catacombs, where they discover a cache of Russian weaponry from the platoon that John has been hunting. They find an ancient noisome pit. When Billy drops a skull into it, they don’t hear a bottom, but then Nyogtha arises from the pit, driving Joyce further into madness and even damaging the rockhard mind of Angie.

The party successfully flees, and takes a train to Paris and then to Roma, where they fly to Cairo. From there, they hire two guides, Hasham and Youssef, to take them to Galloway’s dig in the Valley of the Winds. Unbeknownst to them, their guides are tied to the Brotherhood and are taking them to die. The party names their camels Walter, Cathy, Macron, and Sandy and begin their painful trip (none are skilled at riding camels). A group of desert bandits led by Kemal Asham stop them on the third day, disarm them, tie them up, and shoot their guides. All comply but Roger the Egyptologist, who quite rightly steadfastly insists on the rights of guests or diyafa (hospitality), for which the nomads are famous. Unfortunately, Kemal is not in the mood. He has been ordered to kill the Americans outright, but it is against his nature. He has no desire to arouse the British in Cairo to hunt him down, and besides, he intensely dislikes and distrusts the person who ordered him. He interrogates the male members of the party, separating the women into another tent where they are left undisturbed but unarmed. Roger refuses to tell Kemal much, but Billy, whom Kemal initially believes to be an idiot, spills his guts and tells the bandits an amazing tale of ghouls, vampires, and the like. As a result, he gains their admiration if not their friendship, and enjoys an evening of ribaldry around the fire. Meanwhile, Roger and Angie rage quietly. After the encounter with Nyogtha, Joyce has acquired a deep fear of the dark, and Angie has her hands full keeping her under control.

By morning, Kemal has decided to rebel against his orders and sends the party to Galloway’s camp guided by Yacoub Hesmal. Then he breaks camp and heads for the deep desert, hoping that the Americans will destroy both his enemy and his plans.

The party eventually arrives at the camp, where Joyce notices that Galloway’s native assistant Katif seems more surprised than the rest to see them.

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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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