COC: Lassoing a Byakhee; Joyce is Lost

Three new characters joined the party — Gabriel Moreau (a French aristocratic criminal), Ray Sinn (a boxer and disgraced U.S. Marine), and Sir Reginald Humphrey (a stuff British big-game hunter). They left Prof. Galloway’s camp and travelled to the Well of Nophru. All but Ray entered the well, while Ray held the rope. Roger Leach was the last one down, and something cut the rope as he descended. He fell over ninety feet and died. Down in the well, the other characters recovered his shotgun, and explored, finding three dead bodies (Prof. Felix Fuda, Hargrove Thorpe, & Richard Bloch). Fuda had fallen like Roger, but had only broken his leg. The party searched their bodies and found an elder sign necklace, a .22 automatic, and a double barrel .22 derringer. They found no other injuries on the men, who seemed to have died of starvation, and were then near mummified by the dry air in the cave. As a sandstorm came up outside, Ray decided to join them below. His rope was again mysteriously cut, but Ray made his Luck roll and was only damaged (though quite badly). The party explored and found a secret sliding stone door that the other party had not. They next found a potential exit, but it was blocked by sand.

Joyce was the first to see the terrible vision in the great room, but all soon saw at least part of it. Joyce was greatly reduced in sanity. The party saw a cave forty feet above where they saw the vision, but were unable to climb and several party members were injured in the attempt. They then spent a day carving handholds in the soft sandstone, and Gabriel was able to climb up, where he found a faceless stone sphinx statue covered with hieroglyphs. He translated them, and thereby learned the spell Call/Dismiss Beast.

The party left the cave after realizing that the sandstorm had cleared the exit. Reginald’s horse and Ray’s camel were gone, but the rest of the beasts were still there (luck rolls).

The party went back to Prof. Galloway’s camp, but Ray and Gabriel turned the camp against them when both were discovered trying to search Galloway’s tent, on two separate occasions. The party decided to seek the Tomb of Nophru and headed north without a guide. Miraculously, they found their way to the tomb’s location, but the entrance was buried under so much sand that they could not dig their way in. Rather than ask for Galloway’s help, Ray and Gabriel decided to steal shovels from Galloway’s camp. Ray was caught but fought his way free. Then Ray and Gabriel attacked the two guards watching the truck. Ray grappled with his guard and was stabbed for his effort. Gabriel used the sentry elimination techniques he had learned in the trenches and slit the other’s throat, before aiding Ray and stabbing the second guard to death. Inside the truck, they found nothing. They returned to the location of the tomb.

Meanwhile, the people at the tomb were being attacked each night by Byakhee, which tried to drive the camels away. After Ray and Gabriel returned, the party waited for that night’s attack, getting the drop on the five Byakhee who attacked. Billy lassoed one of the Byakhee, and Ray then beat it into submission. Several camels were attacked, and Joyce was carried off screaming. Gabriel dug into the sand as a Byakhee attacked him, narrowly avoiding Joyce’s fate. Joyce’s screams faded into the night as the four Byakhee fled. Ray and Billy tied up their captive Byakhee, whom Billy named “Cary.” They plan to return to Cairo with “Cary” and get more supplies.

Ray SinnGabriel MoreauSir Reginald Humphrey

Above: Ray, Gabriel, and Sir Reginald.

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