COC: A Visit to Yuggoth

More possible spoilers for the Fungi from Yuggoth campaign, though I’ve changed a number of things. Page down to read.













The party asked the miners a variety of questions, and learned that NWI had hired at least 30 too many miners for the operation. The miners complained about boredom, but not about the pay. The machines only needed a few people to run them.

Gabriel snuck over to Harris’s office that night, and picked the lock. Unbeknownst to him, Nikolas decided to follow. Disguising himself as a miner (poorly), he snuck behind Gabriel. When Gabriel entered the office, Nikolas followed, causing Gabriel to hide. Gabriel peeked out, saw a miner, and hid again. Finally Nikolas called out that it was him, and Gabriel joined him. They searched office and found bills of lading for the Blue John, which was headed for San Francisco. They also found a set of maps showing that the real mine was not here at the camp, and a letter to Edward Chandler from Harris, which said that Y. was pleased with the progress and that the mining operations would soon end.

The party waited until morning but left before Harris got up and discovered his office door was unlocked. They circled back to the east to investigate the real mine. When they got there, they found a great deal of stone that had jutted up from the recent earthquakes. They found some odd tracks but couldn’t follow them. They left, guided by Sir Reginald, who took them on a tour of the desert for the next day, because his navigation rolls were so poor. They ended up back at the rocks, and camped a mile away. At night they heard a buzzing coming from the rocks, but did nothing, and in the morning they again tried to get back to Khab. When they arrive, Victor tells them that the NWI men were here yesterday looking for them. He ask what has happened, and the party tells him little.

The party decides to return to the rocks, this time taking Hassan as a guide. This time they wait for nightfall and when they hear the buzzing, they investigate. Gabriel is in front, and sees odd buglike things mining. He flees southward from the maddening sight. The rest stay prone and as dawn arrives and the buzzing declines, they cross the lip of the hill and see Harris heading back to camp. They run after him and tell him to stop or they’ll shoot. He keeps going and shoots back. They shoot him in both legs, and then Sir Reginald gets on top of him and keeps punching him in the face. He dies and cannot be questioned.

By this time, Gabriel has returned, and they manage to track the creatures to a cave. Hassan refuses to go into the cave, and stays with the camel. The rest go in and find a large carved spiraling design on the end of the cave. As Gabriel tries to take a rubbing, he falls through and finds himself in a very dark place without flashlight, unable to control his movements. He bounces up and down and smashes against the floor and walls.

When Sir Reginald arrives, he sees Gabriel attacked by a buglike creature. Reginald tries to get himself under control but can’t, but does shine the light around the room. Billy arrives next and quickly finds his footing and attacks the creature. Both Reginald and Billy make their SAN rolls, as does everyone else who arrives. Eventually the creature is driven off by the light and gunfire, and the party can concentrate on controlling themselves in the reduced gravity, nearly one sixteenth of what they are used to on Earth.

They advance up a pentagonal artificial corridor carved out of black stone, fighting two more Mi-Go (for such they are) armed with a Darkray gun and a Lightning gun. They fairly easily defeat the Mi-go and advance to a room with a window. The darkness outside is stupefying and their lights cannot hope to penetrate it so they turn off your lights and gradually their eyes adjust. They look out on dimly perceived tiers of terraced towers, great tiers of towers and domes, all apparently built of the same black stone. The towers have no windows, but there are doors at their base. Under the cyclopean bridges that join these towers are black rivers of pitch, flowing into a great pit in the center of the city, where it disappears into unknown depths. From the roof of the towers they see several small pink forms leaping skyward, their wings opening and then carrying them away. Most of the party recoils in horror, even after making their SAN rolls.

They progress up the corridor and find a lab where Mi-Go are removing the brains of missing miners and putting them into metal cylinders. A fierce battle begins against the four Mi-Go in the room. Three of the creatures are killed and the fourth tries to escape through a membranous portal on the other side of the room. Annabelle shoots him dead just short of his goal.

Nikolas tries to go through the portal and finds the vacuum of space on the other side. He quickly loses consciousness and starts getting sucked through. Billy, Reginald, and Gabriel grab his legs and pull him back into the lab. He’s unfortunately also suffered a heart attack, but Annabelle and Angie manage to stabilize him. And there the party paused for the evening.

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