COC: The Beach Fight

More spoilers for the Fungi of Yuggoth campaign. Page down if you want to read the party’s latest adventure.









The party traveled to San Francisco, following the shipments of Blue John. They visited the warehouse on the docks where it was received, and after a ridiculously small bribe to the manager, got the information that Chinese were picking it up. Gabriel and Billy staked out the warehouse, and eventually followed the black Cadillac that picked up the latest shipment to a small alley in Chinatown. The others were doing library research and joined the others at what turned out to be the entrance to a very sketchy Buddhist temple.

When the Cadillac arrived, two men got out and went into the alley. Gabriel and then Billy followed, while Reginald tried to tail the car on foot, which didn’t work. In the alley, Gabriel picked the lock of the door, and found a long passage, decorated in an extravagant Chinese fashion, ala Big Trouble in Little China. Inside he was greeted and then attacked by a priest with batrachian features. Billy followed, and helped defeat the other two who attacked from a secret door. The rest of the party joined them and descended stairs that led to a cavern heading for the sea. They ran into three Deep Ones and both groups retreated. This was lucky for the party, as they would have been at a disadvantage in the slick sea cave.

Following clues in the temple, the party visited a beach to the north. They met a grizzled old hermit who told them of a spot where “only the Chinese go” so they immediately went there, camping out on a ridge. The next night, about twenty Chinese showed up on the beach below and built three bonfires. The party remained hidden on the ridge, near a narrow trail down. The Cadillac showed up and Lang-fuzi stepped out holding a canoptic jar. His two black-clad bodyguards pulled a squirming bag from the trunk. When the party saw the contents (a young woman), Sir Reginald set up his Lee-Enfield and drew a bead on Lang-fuzi. As the magician finished his initial spell, Reginald fired and hit him square in the chest, but the silken robes the wizard was wearing stopped the shot, giving him only a bruise. Alerted, the Chinese swarmed up the narrow trail, while Lang-fuzi began chanting with greater vigor and using the elements of the jar. His two bodyguards retreated to cover behind the Cadillac.

A great battle ensued. Deep Ones emerged from the sea, seized the struggling girl, and dragged her out and under the waters, where many other dark bodies could be seen under the surface. Angie and Gabriel were halfway down the trail and began a fighting retreat. Annabelle and Reginald provided covering fire, while Billy blew his stone flute and Nikolas, overcome by the sight, fled into the night. He was later picked up by local authorities and institutionalized.

The stone flute brought a three-headed giant to their aid, who descended the trail while Gabriel and Angie hurriedly got out of his way. From then on, he blocked the trail and occasionally delivered horrendous damage to the lead Chinese. Once free, Gabriel sought in his magic bag for another holy hand grenade. After a variety of failures, including a very angry cat, he found a hand grenade that looked like it was from the Renaissance, and gave it to Billy. Billy threw it and killed several Chinese with it, and then descended the trail near the giant.

Suddenly a huge sea monster emerged from the waters and came near the shore, grasping Lang-fuzi and putting him on its shoulder. The party felt death approaching, and both Angie and Reginald lost their minds and fled. Fortunately for the others, the monster turned and headed back out to sea. The remaining party, along with the three-headed giant, killed the rest of the Chinese while the two bodyguards jumped in the Cadillac and drove off.

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