Navah: The Sixth Campaign Begins

It took much longer than I thought it would, but the sixth campaign in Navah has begun. I finished the rules (180 pages), which was a little hard to believe. My first working version was in 1988, and they have now reached the point where I’m willing to publish.  It is a little hard to believe, because I’ve been working on them so long! But now I can give the players solid rules that won’t change all the time, and I can spend my time on other elements. I’ll be working to put the rules on DrivethruRPG in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime I put together a watermarked version for the players. I also put together a Fractal Terrains 3 map for Garst, my northernmost land, and then realized that I needed to correct for map distortion and made the map more accurate by calculating the wedge size appropriate for the globe. Below is the raw map I generated for Garst, with the area in which the campaign is running outlined in red.

Map of Garst, generated by Fractal Terrains 3, with campaign area highlighted in red.

The full sized version of this is 14,039×16,101 pixels, which taxed the memory limits of my computer and In order to add the layers for roads, towns, names, hexes, and landmarks, I had to cut the map in half, and it took the computer about an hour or so to do that one task. Then I rewrote the history of the region, and came up with a variety of cultures and how they interacted, which again strengthened the background and gave it some depth. Then I had to decide where and when the campaign began. The place I decided on was where the three main cultures (Aytal, Rovers, and the Valley of the Great Mother) met, a trading town called Greenhaven in Grefftarr territory at the southernmost entry to the Great Bowl that is the northern Grasslands. Greenhaven is important for the trade between the Grasslanders and Aytal, the Anthavarn client state in western Garst, which should generate a number of beginning adventure ideas. Then it was just a matter of building the region, generating a local map and a few towns worth of people and figuring out who was where. Very stressful to be working under the gun, but it was done, and I could make some new minis to relax. Below is the first version of the Greenhaven region map.

Map of Greenhaven region, with roads, towns, and Duchy border lines

Last night we ran the first part of a beginning adventure. A solid set of rules, a new region, and new players meeting each other, but it has begun. I have four good players so far, and they have started on the adventure (my next post). My initial response was relief, but I’ve already started to conceive of campaign arcs and possible new adventures, which is a lot easier now that the world and rules are solid. I still have to contact the 16 players on Roll20 who wanted to have a go. There’s only 1 slot available for the Thursday night game, but if enough people are interested, I might put together another biweekly group for Saturday 11 am EST. Contact me if you are interested.

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