Navah 1: The Party

The party operating in the borderlands between Aytal and the Grasslands is now complete.

Character Player
Quinn Marten Matt
Kjorik Ulrerben Jack
Fionnoula Mullan Jennifer
Varna Canokin John
Josh Philip
Nelson Brewer NPC
Mayra Riggen NPC

The original four members of the party were all Rovers. Two were Highlanders, and two were Grasslanders. The fifth and sixth members are NPCs who joined at the start of the adventure, and the last member of the party is an Anthavarn mercenary, who joined them halfway through the first adventure.

Quinn Marten, the son of an important family of weavers in Greenhaven, is the leader of the band. Granmama Conderan Marten is the head of the family, which is always jockeying for power among the Grefftarr. Quinn is short but brilliant, and speaks both Grefftarr and Anthavarn with equal aplomb. He wears jacke armor and uses a backsword, but since he lost his right hand in the last adventure, he wields it with his left. Luckily, he is (was?) ambidextrous.

Varna Canokin is the other Grasslander and also a Grefftarr. A big man, he trained under the young and cruel mage Meicaf Mishra of Beanbacon. Varna is a Spiritologist and weilds a +6 focus crystal for Spiritology, which he took from Meicaf when he left. He is a follower of Haelana the Horse. He wields a short sword and wears no armor. His riding skills are poor, so he rides on the party’s two wheeled cart. Varna has raised himself up through his magic skills, but he still resents the wealthy. He gets along with Quinn largely because he still hates the weavers of Beanbacon with whom Meicaf is allied.

Kjorik Ulrerben is a Highlander from the Für tribe. Like Varna, he is also a follower of Haelana the Horse. Like Fionnoula, he is larger than any Grasslander. He trained under Strocky Adjukru, a sorceror of repute in the north lands. Kjorik is himself known as a healer, and often wants only a story for his services. A +6 focus crystal for Sorcery aids his efforss. Despite his love of folklore of the region, or perhaps because of it, he fears actual adventures and is usually very cautious. He is also an inveterate loner. Like Varna, he wears no armor. He wields only a hunting knife and rides a palfrey.

Fionnoula Mullan is also from the Für tribe, and she and Kjorik grew up together. A huge woman, she was initially the party’s only warrior. Trained in the cavalry, she rides a courser, wears jacke, and wields a broadsword and shield. She follows the Storm Bear in spirit, but in practice she follows the lead of Quinn, who employed her soon after she arrived in the Grasslands.

Nelson Brewer is an old sickly man, even shorter than Quinn. Nelson has long curly white hair tucked under a woolen cap. He has a prominent forehead and gentle brown eyes. He has researched the legends of Tarak the bandit for his entire life, and now seeks Tarak’s Lair and the treasure it was supposed to hold.

Mayra Riggen is a twenty-nine year old mercenary from the Grasslands. She wears sweat-stained jacke and a salade with cheek guards strapped under the chin during combat.  At her side is a sturdy broadsword in an embossed sheath.  At rest, her cheek-guards hang loose and her salade is slid back on her head, revealing a rugged, unattractive face.  Her manner and language are that of the roughest mercenary, and you quickly forget she is a woman. Her face rarely softens. She met Nelson through her sister, and signed on for the adventure for a share of the treasure.

Josh is from Aytal. After training in the cavalry, he enlisted with the guardsman in Sweet River and quickly gained a reputation as incorruptible. As a result, he quickly made many enemies and was forced to leave the region under a cloud. Now he makes his living as a mercenary, and after freeing the noblewoman Clarissa from a minotaur, he has joined the party, who he sees as kindred souls. Like Fionnoula, he rides a courser and wears jacke armor, but he uses a spear and shield rather than sword. He speaks no Rover languages at all, so he must communicate through Quinn and Fionnoula. He has short red hair, green shirt, and red pants. He wears an incongruously fancy hat like that an older woman of the south might wear.

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