Navah 1: Back into the Cave

The party decided to go back into the cave. They hadn’t rested, but they had spent about five hours waiting for the Qilin to show up, and by now the dead bandits had been discovered. Three bandits remained in the cave, and they were trying to figure out what had happened. One of them snuck to the door of the cave and peeked out, and discovered a rather large group of characters, including a gleaming magical beast. Terrified, he returned to his companions and told them, and they decided that an ambush was the only hope they had.

So when the party re-entered the cave, and Quinn scouted, he found himself facing three bandits, who were hiding around a corner. He managed to dance away, and Finnoula came to his rescue. One of the bandits (who was still sure the magical beast was with them) ran away, but Myrda and Thorkra attacked the young warrior. Myrda was not much of a threat, but Thorkra was as large as Finnoula, more skilled, and was in half plate. Finnoula soon fell to a major wound on her left upper leg. Mayra came to her rescue, and Quinn returned and tried to take some of the pressure off of her while Kjarik healed Finnoula’s major wound from a distance (it would take 15 minutes to fully heal, but it did remove the shock and allow Finnoula to fight from the ground). Varna couldn’t cast anything — he only had 1 END left. The fight continued for several rounds, with the party somehow surviving with just major wounds, except for Finnoula who took another major wound to the chest and Bill, who also took a major wound. Ultimately, Kjarik successfully cast Control Emotions (Fear) on Thorkra, who fled.

The party imitated her action, and fled into the forest. Kjarik used his medicinal skill to stabilize Finnoula and Bill, and in the morning, he was able to heal them both. They then headed for Halfway, convinced that the cave was filled with dangerous bandits. Two days later, Varna cast a random summoning, and a bubbling black ooze showed up. Doubtfully, Varna bound it. No one knew what it was or what it could do, but they resolved to test it on the bandits, and they returned to the cave.

After one attempt by the thing to eat the party, Varna managed to send it into the cave, telling it to kill anyone it found in there, and telling Bill to follow it. The ooze spent the next seven hours or so scouring the cave, at one point going into a pool and vanishing for several hours. Bill tried to follow, but as he was unable to swim underwater, he couldn’t. The bandits were gone, along with their treasure, and the ooze had eaten the few bandit heads that remained, so the reward was unobtainable.

Varna stopped the ooze and the party moved to the hidden section of the cave, eager to find Tarak’s treasure. Instead, they discovered a magical trap that again put Finnoula on the ground with two major wounds, gave Varna a major wound to the leg, and killed Bill. Varna managed to drag himself and Finnoula out of the cave. Quinn ran the other direction, deeper into the cave, and hid under an old bed, hoping the large carnosaur wouldn’t find him. Kjarik shaped rock around the trap, and disarmed it, and healed the others again. Then they entered the room and found a great deal of treasure in the chests, along with two maps, one a possible treasure map. Quinn heard their victory, and explored further in the cave, finding an ancient sky ship in an open sinkhole. The ship was rotted and useless, but trapped in the ceiling of the cave was a number of waftwood boles, a wonderful find. We ended the evening with the party trying to figure out how to get the waftwood done and put it to use.

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An old gamer flying his freak flag, I've been playing table-top role-playing games since 1978. I've been building my own system (Journeyman) since 1981.
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  1. aspire2hope says:

    A mixed success then 🙂

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