Navah 1: Training and Treasure Map

The party spent a lot of time searching the caverns before they left, and they Shaped the entrance to the Waftwood Cavern closed to protect that find. They then returned to Greenhaven, all except Quinn who went south to Aytal to find someone who could regenerate his hand. He found a Transmogrifier who was able to help him, and then trained down there in order to gain intelligence about the Anthvarns. He was down there for two years, and had two daughters and a suit of plate mail by the time he returned to meet the rest of the party in Greenhaven. His sister had also moved in with him, and she helped care for the daughters.

The others had stayed in Greenhaven for the most part, with Finnoula serving garrison duty with the cavalry there. She couldn’t purchase plate mail in the Grasslands, so instead she had a Broadsword of Quality made (+2 to hit, +2 damage). Varna did some random summonings along with his training and sold his services as a mage. He summoned an ancient dragon, who surprisingly did not eat him (his ancient tummy was too sensitive). The dragon insisted on payment and was disgusted when Varna gave him only 100 s., but it soothed his pride a bit and he departed. Varna immediately went to town and bragged about summoning a dragon (very few believed him) and got “Dragon Summoner” tattooed on his chest. Meanwhile, Kjarik kept a low profile and did a number of healings, but his one-legged adventurer sister also moved in with him (I need to make that annual event chart larger!). Both mages trained with Varna’s mentor but also had to train with Master Fyshwykke in Chirk for Shaping and Spiritology.

After the party met again, they began to explore the sites on Tarek’s treasure map. They decided to explore the circled x’s first, as Nelson believed those might be caches of Tarek’s treasure. Nelson also identified Rialdo as a colleague of Tarek’s long ago. He tentatively identified Silverbrow as possibly being an ancient wizard of the region, who was here when the Grasslands were first settled, but he was not at all sure. They went to the “Birch Grove” first but any birch grove seemed to have died and rotted long ago, and they could find no sign of it. Varna even turned into a hawk to search better, but found nothing. Then he couldn’t change back and for several days was trapped in bird form and had to keep making rolls to retain his human intelligence.

The party headed back to the cave, where they planned to explore the watery tunnels connected to it. Varna was more hesitant now about turning into a Brook Trout, but they discovered that Nelson had a Hat of Clean Air and could go underwater for 15 minutes. Nelson discovered it was dark under there, and they had to return to Chirk to purchase a fire elemental from Fyshwykke. As the Wizard freed the elemental from a flaming sword, he gained a point of MASS. The party returned to the cave, where Nelson become concerned with Varna’s increasing irritation at him. He refused Varna the use of his hat, but Quinn managed to soothe him and talk him into loaning it to him. Quinn explored underwater aided by illumination from the fire elemental, but only found 20 s.

They moved on to Thunder Falls, where Nelson (again with his hat) found a chest in the deep pool below the falls. Kjarik shaped a stalagmite under it, and rose it to the surface, where he formed a circular ledge around it. Quinn swam out and opened it, finding 50 F. and 200 s. Nelson became increasingly worried about the party as Varna not only talked about killing him (!) but also said that they should split the money four ways and not share with Mayra and Nelson. Ultimately, the players agreed to share with them, and they moved on to the “Swimming Hole,” which turned out to be the mill pond next to Ramsey in Aytal.

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