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Village & Town Maps

My players tend to be wanderers, moving from one town to the next. That means I have to have a lot of town map templates ready for them. One way I do this is save every town map I can … Continue reading

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MERP: Return to Don Tirbirath

The party drifted across the small lake to the eastern wall of the Dark Valley. Landing on the rocky shore, Freya kept watch while Araluth and Elentari began to meditate. Hamrammr and Jor scrambled up the rocky slope and found … Continue reading

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Rolisteam – A Nice Virtual Tabletop

More and more I learn how much the gaming community has matured, largely through the wonderful projects that I stumble across. When doing one of my periodic searches for roleplaying materials in French (search for “Jeux de roles” if you … Continue reading

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Ruined City Generator

Playing the Mutant World sandbox campaign, I needed a generator for ancient ruins. Thankfully, a good one exists at  It generates a ruined city map from geomorphs created by Amanda Michaels for Dave’s Mapper (see the list of city … Continue reading

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National Geographic’s Map of Medieval England

This is a fantastic map, and would make a great tool for a game of Pendragon. Check out a huge version of this map at

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Another Map from Dyson — The Turning Tower

I’m definitely using this… someday. The Turning Tower is a stout three-tiered tower on the Plains of Dross. An ugly black blight upon the landscape, highlighted by brass doors; every hour or three the three rings of the tower rotate … Continue reading

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Another Dyson Map — The Sahuagin Mound

Gotta love Dyson’s maps. This one could be used for my Frogfolk or anyone else who lives in muddy homes. Under the sea Under the sea Darling it’s better Down where it’s wetter Take it from me Up on the … Continue reading

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A Manor Farm on Ancient Earthworks, Bolnhurst, Bedfordshire

This map could spark an adventure or two in a medieval or COC setting. Hillfort: OS Grid Reference – TL 0849 5985 Also Known as: The Camp Archaeology & History This much disturbed Iron Age ‘hillfort’ is effectively a large … Continue reading

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A Cenote Cave Map

Those in my campaign know that most of the underground adventuring in Navah is in caves and caverns. In my youth I did some caving around Bloomington, Indiana, and vastly enjoyed it. Some are now closed (according to this list) … Continue reading

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Mapping Navah

I’ve been working on mapping Navah again. The output from Fractal Terrains 3 has made that job a bit easier, although I have to patch together screen captures from the world map to make it all work. As the party … Continue reading

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