MERP: Westward, to the Misty Mountains

I thought we working our way through the MERP module, Goblin-Gate and Eagle’s Eyrie from ICE. Our DM of course is a tricky fellow and has created his own adventures around the same locations, so there are no spoilers below.

Cover of Goblin-Gate & Eagle's Eyrie

“So I’m packing my bags for the Misty Mountains
Where the spirits go now,
Over the hills where the spirits fly, ooh.
I really don’t know.”
— Led Zeppelin, Misty Mountain Hop

Our party had successfully killed two stone trolls and rescued a farmer’s son, so we had gained some fame in Maethelburg (for which we are using the map of Aberwyvern from David Macaulay’s Castle). From the sale of the troll treasure and the rewards garnered from the farmer and the local authorities, each party member had 36 silver marks. Tum drank himself silly and spent the first hour of play unconscious under the table. Jor gathered a number of free drinks by telling (and retelling, and retelling!) the story of our battle, while Araluth and Elentari sipped their wine and conserved their money (we still don’t have horses!). A guard in the pay of Aldarion, Captain of the Maethelburg Guard, summoned the Dunedain to talk to his master, who praised the Araluth and Elentari for their actions. Aldarion also shared his prejudices against the upcoming marriage of Eledan (son of Duke Valandil, a Dunedan) and Freya (daughter of Theign Osric, a Northman). While Araluth agreed with those prejudices (his family had long believed in marrying among the Dunedain, and he had been fortunate enough to find Elentari as his wife), he noted that the marriage was one of both political advantage and love, so it was a positive thing. When they left Aldarion’s chambers, they met Meneldur, the Duke’s seer, who questioned them about what Aldarion had said, and then offered to met them at the inn later.

Returning to the inn, they found Jor wrapping up, and the party was joined by Hamrammr, a Northman warrior seeking work. A wine merchant approached him and us seeking our employment as caravan guards on his annual trip to Moher in the foothills of the Misty Mountains. We agreed. Later, Meneldur joined us and identified the ring and dagger we found in the troll cave as being ancient items of Numenorian make. The ring was a +5 ring of protection, and went to Elentari. The dagger was a +10 throwing dagger of returning, which went to Tum.

In the morning, the party headed west on the north shore of the Sirros River, arriving at the keep of Tir-barad Doncirith (“Watch of the Dark Cleft” in Sindarin, though the humans call it “Watch Tower of the High Pass”) on the second night. From there they headed south to Moher, but on the way came across a massacre site. 30 men and 4 women of the Northmen were slain by Hillman arrows, and their caravan looted. The pennant of Theyn Osric still flew over the caravan, so it was clear that this was Freya’s bridal party headed for Maethelburg. The rangers investigated the site and discovered no tracks of attackers and also noted that the arrows did not seem to have come from a distance but instead were likely fired at close range and odd angles. Araluth surmised that the party was killed by someone they knew, probably a guard sent from Maethelburg, and the slaughter made to look like the Hillmen. Osric and Freya’s bodies were not found, so there was still hope for them.

The party returned to Tir-barad Doncirith where Araluth reported to Halidan (the Capt. of the Guard), and also spoke to the Dunedain he sent to Maethelburg to inform the Duke, and to the Northmen traders who left to tell their own people. To each he asserted that the attack was not the work of the Hillmen, though he made it clear he had no love for those people. He explained that the attack had been made to look like the work of the Hillmen, but that the true attackers were not yet known and that retribution would likely be against the wrong people if taken now. The Dunedain listened; the Northmen did not.

The party headed back to the ambush site and this time Elentari found a trail of broken branches (but no markings on the ground) heading west, which they followed. Tum found a helmet with a skull & moon sigil on it, similar to the emblem they had found on a shield in the trolls’ cave. They followed the trail for two days, but lost it in a rocky valley and were forced to turn back.

Back at Tir-barad Doncirith, they encountered Meneldur again, who told them of a hidden valley called Imlad Fuin (Sindarin, “Valley of Gloom” — there is another Imlad Fuin in Southern Gondor), which was ruled by a mad mage in the Second Age. His men used the skull & moon sigil, and he served Sauron. Meneldur told of a “Crooked Way” used to enter the hidden valley, and Jor, after spending the night reading Meneldur’s book on the subject, pointed out that there were three tests that had to be passed to enter the valley. The party shuddered when they heard the tests were likely tests of intelligence (not the party’s strong suit). Accompanied by the ranger Morwen, who knew of the location of the obelisk mentioned as the key to finding the Crooked Way, the party headed back into the Misty Mountains quite near where they had lost the trail the first time.

Finding a rough set of stairs carved into a cliff, they climbed the 500 feet up to the entrance to the Crooked Way, with Morwen staying behind to watch the horses nearby and await their hopeful return. The first test was quickly found, and the party trapped within by a sliding stone. They found themselves on of metal grillwork making up a human barbeque, with the flames rising as they attempted to solve a puzzle. Most prepared for the inevitable, but Tum tried to force his body into a tiny hole while Araluth kicked him out of the way in hopes that the ledge might be large enough to prevent immolation. Meanwhile, Elentari handily solved the puzzle, and the party was ready to continue.

The module, by the way, was created by Carl Willner back in 1984-1985, probably for about $1000. Unvisible Citedal has an interview with Carl where he talks about his work and how he was person who named Maethelburg.

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MERP: 1st Adventure in Middle Earth

We started a new campaign today in the northern reaches of Gondor, in the March of Maethelburg. Mike was the DM, with a modified MERP rpg system. The characters were Araluth of Rhudaur (Dakin), a ranger; his wife Elentari (Jennifer), also a ranger; Tum Hardfoot (Ryan), a hobbit thief; and Joranilithin of Rivendell (Ben), a half-elven mage. Uniformly down on our luck, we met in the proverbial inn, and offered our services to a drunk farmer who claimed trolls were raiding his land. He offered us 42 s. for the service, and since we had nearly 1 s. among us when we put our coins together, that looked pretty good.

Arriving at his farm, we learned that Rub, his son, had been abducted the night before. There were only a few hours before dusk, but we tracked the troll to a cave in the mountain. A huge rock blocked the entrance, so our efforts at an ambush were delayed. Araluth used Lofty Movement spells to limb-run into position in the trees, while Elentari and Jor climbed trees on the other side of the clearing. Not one, but two trolls emerged (Bert & Ernie of course) and prepared a fire and some mutton before eating the tasty manflesh in the cave, which we assumed was Rub.


Tum snuck into the cave and, after plundering the gold in the chest, found another rock blocking Rub in a small cave. After berating Rub for not freeing himself, Tum left the poor sot to his fate, and emerged from the cave. Rub strained until he actually did free himself, and stumbled afterwards.

Meanwhile, Araluth, Jor, & Elentari ambushed the trolls, doing minor damage. The trolls shook the trees of the three, until Araluth prepared another limb-running spell and drew them away by taunting them from the trees. Jor and Elentari started to land hits on Bert, so he turned back to attack them. Tum decided to climb up Bert’s back, and found himself hanging from Bert’s loincloth, his face in Bert’s crack. Bert didn’t notice. Elentari killed Bert with a well-placed shot, and the troll fell backwards onto Tum, trapping his leg. Ernie heard Bert’s anguish cry and ran up to him. Tum hid deeper in the loincloth, failed, and then ran through Ernie’s legs, escaping. Ernie turned his attention to Elentari, who fell from the tree when he shook it. He then pummeled her mercilessly. Ben snuck down from his tree and tried to keep Rub from coming where the troll could see him. Araluth shot uselessly from the trees until he abandoned his bow and drew sword and shield as he descended to earth. Meanwhile Tum returned and severed the troll’s spine, causing him to fall on Elentari this time. Araluth delivered the coup de grace and rescued his wife.

And there we ended for the night.

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MUTANT WORLD: Modified Radiation & Poison Rules

After killing both Sheldon and Melvin off in the Mutant World campaign, I resolved to modify the Poison and Radiation charts. There’s now an antidote for radiation, though the players probably won’t have it. There’s also no direct “Death” results, just more damage (which may cause those deaths anyway).

To use, cross-index the intensity of radiation with the defender’s CON.


The numbers indicate the number of d6 to roll for damage. Radiation damage can removed by eating Radaway paste (TL15). If administered within 2 melee rounds, the victim will take only 4d6 damage, at most.

Any creature taking over 8d6 of damage also receives a new mutation. Roll 1d6. 1-3 = physical; 4-6 = mental.  Any new mutation will manifest itself in one week of game time.

Use this chart for Poisons by subtracting 7d6 of damage from any result. Any damage of 3d6 or more with a Paralytic Poison paralyzes the victim. There is an antidote for every poison. If administered within 2 melee rounds, the victim will take only 2d6 damage, at most.

Many people poison their weapons when not hunting. To ascertain the intensity of monster and plant poisons when used on blades and arrows, use the following table:

Source of Poison Intensity
Venom sacks 50% of original intensity
Saliva 50% of original intensity
Contact poison on skin 100% of original intensity
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MUTANT WORLD: Survivors of Hawk’s Nest

Today’s adventure started well, with the party gaining 20,000 cr. in trade at Mourne in exchange for the mini-gun they had found. Both Corinne and Growler received special instructions about how the PSH fort of Hawk’s Nest had been conquered by the bears of Spartak. Almost 90% of the population had been caught unawares and was either ripped to pieces or eaten alive. Both characters had to consider how this news applied to them. This potentially put the party on opposite sides of the approaching war, which put the whole party on edge for the day. They purchased a large collection of mechanic’s tools, which they put into a covered wagon. Under orders from Mourne to scavenge a vehicle at Zombietown and then try to rescue a group of survivors at Hawk’s Nest who had taken refuge in a bunker under the cafeteria, the party headed south again on Aug. 1, with the robot nearly popping some springs trying to pull the heavily-laden wagon. The rest of the party helped out, and since they were accompanying another caravan to Sittard, the trip passed fairly uneventfully. Five days later they were in Sittard, where they were joined by “Wrench” Sproggington, a hopeful mechanic tired of the low tech life in Sittard. A mutated human, Wrench brought exceptional mechanical skill to the party, as well as a few useful mutations (pyrokinesis, increased speed, radar, radiated eyes, & molecular understanding) but his decreased body mass meant his usefulness in a melee was limited.

The party separated from the caravan and continued to Zombietown. On their way they argued over the name of “their” town — Shelton, Luz Verde, and Carville being among the choices. Their argument attracted three giant wasps, and Melvin died from two successive stings that left his body exploding with poison that spewed out of his carapace. Corinne killed two of the wasps, and Growler killed the last. Wrench grabbed a couple of the .45 revolvers that Melvin had just purchased, and they buried the unfortunate Melvin.

At Zombietown (the name remains), Wrench began to work on repairing the black grav pickup they had earlier found. In three days, he had it running again, though he was chagrined to find that the robot controlled truck would only respond to Corinne, the PSH. They hooked the wagon to the back of the pickup and traveled overland to Sittard once more, where they were able to move faster as they got onto first the trail and then the road. They arrived back at Mourne on Aug. 14. They left the wagon there and travelled north to Hawk’s Nest to rescue the survivors. Growler came under protest, and Wrench had to agree to buy her 4 hams per day they went with her. Corinne, Wrench, & Grytock were in the cab of the truck; Growler was in the bed.


I used Lehigh University’s Mountaintop campus as the model for Hawk’s Nest. Then I had the players use Google Maps street view to drive up the southern hill and around the campus as they encountered various things. It worked great, including various moments where the party got lost or argued about which way to go.

When they got to the Nest, they drove to Iacocca, a name steeped in antiquity. They saw numerous human body parts, the victims ripped to pieces and eaten, with a few burned and bloated. At one point they spotted rats dragging loot down into a hole, but they could not catch them. As they argued over their comms, the survivors cut in and tried to learn who they were. Long story made short, the party flubbed the rescue and managed to convince the survivors that they were either raiders there to loot the base or were slaves of the Spartak bear riding in the bed of the truck. The survivors tried to call Mourne to confirm Corinne’s mission, but were unable to reach them and ultimately they attempted to force the party out of the vehicle so they could verify their identities and intent. The party would have none of this and ordered the self-driving truck to leave. A blast from a bazooka cratered the road ahead of them and the vehicle came to a screeching halt, activating its danger alert. As the PSHs in Iacocca reloaded, Corinne desperately ordered the truck to continue. A second missile missed just barely, passing just over the bear’s head and exploding in the trees to the left. Corinne finally managed to convince the truck to exceed the 15 mph speed limit and they roared off. The final shot of the bazooka missed them by a huge margin.

Reporting back at Mourne, Corinne was depressed. She had failed. But the mission had demonstrated that Growler was not an obvious threat, so something positive came out of it. Mourne’s leaders would wait and see what happened next. For the bear, the mission was a great success. She ate 20 hams over five days, and any observers at the Hawk’s Nest would have seen her being fired upon by the PSHs and being driven away by human accomplices or slaves.Corinne and Growler both reached second level.

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Rolisteam – A Nice Virtual Tabletop

More and more I learn how much the gaming community has matured, largely through the wonderful projects that I stumble across. When doing one of my periodic searches for roleplaying materials in French (search for “Jeux de roles” if you are interested), I came across an image for Rolisteam. It is a virtual tabletop you download to your computer and then you run from there. I have used Roll20 quite a lot in the past years and while I love it, I already see some things I like better in Rolisteam, even though I haven’t used it to play. First of all, it is dependent on my computing set-up, which I love. That means that the music backgrounds do not have to be limited by the same licenses that Roll20 is. I have a huge collection of music, and now I can use selected clips from AC/DC, Jeff Wayne, Wagner, and anything else I want. Lovely! It has a map drawing tool and chat window. One doesn’t have to worry about the memory limits imposed by a free account in Roll20 (I’m cheap, ok?). The players or DM can open any picture online or on their own computer, which is great. The downsides I see so far are:

  1. No audio or video chat (that’s ok, I use Skype for that)
  2. No distance calculator
  3. One has to add hex grids to one’s own maps before uploading them
  4. and biggest of all, I can’t figure out how to add a png of a character. All I can do right now is upload an image on top of the map and then move it around. Roll20 does that a lot nicer.

Still, it is a nice free tool to add to your toolbox. Please let me know what you learn from using this — I’m doing face-to-face tabletops right now, but who knows when I’ll need virtual again!


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If you have too much money laying around…

You could do worse than set up gaming rooms like this for you and your friends to enjoy. Holy cow!

And here’s the set-up that blows my mind. Lovely set-up, lovely room!

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MUTANT WORLD: The Death of Sheldon

Sheldon, having recovered from the flechette damage that tore away half of his face and from the Firebelly Arn burns that crisped it again, decided to search a building filled with a green viscous liquid. As he recovered from his new chemical burns (22 hp of damage), he resolved to be more cautious in the future.

Entering an overgrown organic building, the party rescued a general household robot by the name of Glysok 4000, who was ecstatic to once again be serving a living PSH. They of course set her to work cleaning the bunker, and left her to go do more adventuring. Sheldon went first, and encountered 2 Glowing Zombies, and died immediately of radiation burns as his skin boiled away. The rest of the party left him to his fate and hid in the bunker.

The next day, Sheldon’s brother Melvin arrived, and the party broke the unhappy news. Melvin went to recover his brother’s effects, and dropped the fragile building on the zombies within. When they emerged, he was horrified to find Sheldon among them, now a Glowing Zombie himself. Sheldon soared into the air after Melvin, the two circling the town a few hundred feet up. Melvin slowly destroyed his brother using his bow while Corinne took pot shots from the ground. Corinne was so absorbed in this task that she didn’t realize that three Carnel Zombies are sneaking up on her. She unloaded her .45 into them three times as she retreated. Just as she finished, Melvin saw that her gunfire had attracted the 18 Glowing Zombies they had encountered before. Using his Magnetic Control, he whirled her around using her handgun, so she could see them. Corinne ran south away from them, but was not evading them, so Melvin came to carry her away with his Telekinetic Flight. Unfortunately, he was not strong enough to do so, but he did help her take some huge leaps away and eventually they got clear. They spent the night in a tree but then got lost when they tried to find their way back. Meanwhile, Shri and Growler had gone back to the bunker, where Glysock waited in horror for the bear to do her business in the shower. Thankfully, Growler decided to transform into her cat form, so she could use the toilet.

Melvin and Corrine spent the next 8 days trying to find the way home. Melvin then lost Corrine, and the two wandered the wilderness alone for another 4 days until both somehow found their ways home — Melvin to Enom, Corrine to Mourne. Melvin immediately went south again, sure he could find the bunker now, but it took him another 4 days. In the meantime, Corrine convinced Mourne to send a trading party to Sittard, and gain protection for most of her trip back to the bunker.

Once back at the bunker, they finished exploring the town and then gathered their loot and headed back to Mourne. There they were able to get 20,000 cr. in trade for the mini-gun and 5,000 for Glysock, whom they decided to keep. Word also reached them of increased violence by the bears to the north. The party armed up, and Melvin bought 10 .45 automatics, becoming “Ten Gun Melvin.” The most important purchase though was the 10 credit compasses, the maps, and the short range comms that would hopefully prevent them from being lost in the future.

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My Gaming Style

I’ve now been running my Mutant World campaign for a few sessions and it has given me a lot to think about. I’m running it largely out of nostalgia for Gamma World in the 1980s, and I started with GW 1st edition as my base rules. They’ve now mutated quite a bit, in that I went through all the other editions of the game and looked at how monsters and cryptic alliances had changed. I modified the cryptic alliances to fit my setting, using some new ones and one or two from Paranoia, another game I liked. GW had a lot of closed matrices, and I’ve opened those up. For example, Physical Strength (PS) never went above a 20, but in mine it is open-ended. One of the player characters is a mutated bear with a PS modifier of 3.3 for size, so her STR is 59. I also modified the combat system, though I kept the old school hit points. I turned AC on its head and made it open-ended to accommodate very high ACs. I dissected the weapon damage vs. AC and made that open-ended as well. But I also learned that the original intent of the GW combat was to have fast combat (it was designed by a bunch of wargamers after all). My Navah system is based more upon the Runequest system, and is much more deadly than the GW system. Limbs and heads go flying all the time, and the combat takes longer. Combats with equal number of combatants can take 10-20 minutes in GW, 30-60 minutes in Navah, and 1-2 hours in RQ. I think the difference is game vs. story. GW is definitely a game, and is hard to make into a long-term campaign (though of course I’m trying to do that). RQ is much more about the story, as is Navah. And part of this is also related to the types of campaigns. GW was very much dungeon or adventure based. I created a random world generator for it back in 1990, and I still play it as a sandbox game, much as I do Navah or RQ.

I’ve also been listening to Matthew Colville’s YouTube talks about gaming, and have been enjoying them a lot ( He seems like a very talented DM, a good storyteller, and he’s been doing this stuff a long time too. What he considers a sandbox is different from my idea of a sandbox. His sandbox starts with a basic town (Hommlet, usually) and then tosses hooks to the players that lead them to well-worn basic dungeons (Keep on the Borderlands, Caves of Chaos, Temple of Elemental Evil (revisited), etc.) that he has played so many times he can probably do them in his sleep. That gives him sufficient knowledge of the world to let the players pick their plans, and to allow the various other things in the world to keep happening, whether the players are affecting them or not. He calls this “the clock is always ticking.” Nice. But my sandbox is much larger, possibly because I’m an idiot and spend too much time on it. I develop a whole world, culture, and maps for hundreds of miles of territory. Then I generate every settlement, inn, tavern, mage’s covenant, leader, and their significant others, children, and magic items. I haven’t done pets yet (got to do that sometime!). I also have places of adventure scattered about the map and even 2-3 story arcs that are going on in the background. But I think Matthew is better at giving players story hooks. My players are often frustrated that “they don’t know what to do” because there are so many choices. I have lists of hundreds of rumors available in the city, so they chase every single one of them down hoping to drop into an adventure. I allow characters lots of choice, and some do well with that, but those players are so advanced they would do well just about anywhere. They can even get overly paranoid, which slows down the adventure.

Matthew talks a lot about about the Outdoor Survival Game (map below), but I haven’t had time to digest that game yet. Makes sense as an overland map, but then again, I have those already. Matthew also mentions Ranger region specializations, which sound good but I haven’t figured out how to add in yet. Maybe one’s Survival skill affects random encounters? That would be cool and make the skill worth more. He also points us at the D&D 5th Edition Random Encounter Generator, which is the sort of tool I love to develop. I think I’ll be editing my random encounter generator as a result, to allow for encounters with several types of creature.


Lessons for me today:

  • Provide more obvious hooks to player characters that will lead to adventures
  • Always have 5-6 adventures in the wings for characters to choose from
  • Add encounter effects to Survival skill
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Baby Cakes – Role Play Tournament (Be Aggressive)

It is the holiday season, and so of course this started running through my head. Enjoy!

Be aggressive, B-E aggressive.
Be aggressive, B-E aggressive.

Just one girlie at the tourney and it’s kill or be killed.
The Dungeon Master is the bastard known as Pliny the Ill
But I, I could feel it coming through the air that night.
Oh Lord, my sword’s out. Jesus, just avert Your eyes.
Took me years to develop these skills.
I’m untouchable thanks to these pills.
The way’s paved with knaves that I’ve horribly slain.
See me coming, better run for those hills. Listen up now.
You got me killing, uh.
You got me blind to feelings.
I crush your face, I take your jewels, you have no way of dealing.

Be aggressive, B-E aggressive.
Be aggressive, B-E aggressive.

“Mirror mirror, uh, up on the wall, uh,
Who’s the baddest motherfucker of them all, uh?
Just like Columbus, uh, he get the bloodlust, uh.
Just like Columbus he get murderous on purpose.”
You got me hurting, uh.
You got me pulling curtains.
You sucking chili dogs while I go on my crazed berserking.

Be aggressive, B-E aggressive.
Be aggressive, B-E aggressive.

10s and 20s, what’s so funny, fucking 20 10?
Sweet Jesus, please just get me through this. Take me home again.
But I’m all up in the Deathworld, snap.
Rub a bump in the Deathworld, shit.
I’m all heavy with the winnings not to mention all the sinning and I lost it in the Deathworld, crap.
In the Valley of the Shadow a Boo Berry attacked.
He was the hitman of the girlie, who survived to the last.
She was the cutest necromancer that I ever did see.
I almost wished myself to die so she could win the whole thing, but

Be aggressive, B-E aggressive.
Be aggressive, B-E aggressive.


Visit Brad Neeley’s site at

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MUTANT WORLD: Zombietown

The players were joined by Shri, a mutated Peregrine Falcon who had runaway from Telph to join them. They tried to send her home, but then continued to explore the town, quickly running into 14 Glowing Zombies. They engaged them, which was a deep mistake. After multiple radiation burns, they fled. Growler and Sheldon headed northwest, Shri and Corrine headed south. Both evaded their slower pursuers, but while Growler and Sheldon found safety to the north, Corinne and Shri continued to flee eastward. Shri reconnoitered and encountered Sheldon in the air. Shri spotted Growler going back into Zombietown and flew down to warn her that the Glowing Ones were searching the area. They rejoined Sheldon, and then headed east and met up with Corinne. Things were going well until 4 Erl found the party and attacked. Already injured, Sheldon jumped into battle, took a great deal of damage and then fled at top speed through the night, smashing into a tree and knocking himself unconscious. Growler transformed into a cat and hid behind a tree while Shri found a high perch and began to prepare for Reflection. Corinne, finding herself outnumbered and alone, fled eastward in the night, pursued by first the Terl and then Growler, after she transformed back and recovered her backpack. Shri flew to Sheldon’s aid, but he would be unconscious for days.

Growler and Corinne fled through the night, and eventually met up in the morning. A Gren visited them, and Growler spoke in Leaf Whispers. The Gren healed Corinne further, and left. The two then lit a bonfire in a clearing in hopes of attracting the others, but a group of Lil complained and they were forced to put it out. They convinced the Lil, through their abject appearance, to search for their friends, and a day later the Lil reported that Shri and Sheldon were to the south. Growler and Corinne headed south, but kept getting turned around and finding themselves back in the same clearing. Eventually they decided to return to Zombietown in hopes of finding their friends.

Meanwhile, Shri had attracted a Buzzer, but in a dogfight managed to take control of the giant wasp. Using it to carry the unconscious Sheldon, she headed east, too far and too fast east, and she found herself at Sweet River again. She turned west once more to Sittard, and then began spiraling out in a search pattern. Eventually the Buzzer was exhausted and crashlanded, breaking its neck, but Sheldon recovered and the two fliers then headed west to Zombietown to wait there.

The party reformed, and searched the houses in the northern part of town. Sheldon insisted on searching a disgusting house filled with human excrement, but in doing so found a hidden bunker below it. The bunker became their base for several days. There was running water, light, power, two beds, and six barrels of preserved food. The former resident had blown his brains out with a .38 revolver, which still worked. That went to Sheldon. The party cleaned the beds and the house above, and re-hid the entrance under a broken couch from next door.

Later they continued searching. They found an organic house with an Electric Zombie within. Sheldon found a bazooka shell and decided to shoot an arrow at it from close range. The resulting explosion tore part of his face off, and though Corinne healed him and nursed him back to health, he dropped 3 Charisma points from the huge scar across his face. Then they found four Fast Zombies, who met a quick end. Shri found herself a sweet ride on one of the Zombies, as it could run as fast she could fly, would not exhaust itself like the Wasp, and could use all manner of weaponry. Finally, a wounded Sheldon decided to punch a Firebelly Arn that was fleeing from another house. He did 3 points damage to it, and it promptly vomited fire on him for 23 points and flew away. Once again the party returned to the bunker and waited for Sheldon to heal.

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