Playful Tiger Press

Leaping tiger from Shang dynasty China, the logo for Playful Tiger Press

Playful Tiger Press is the source of all materials relating to the world Navah and the Journeyman system. All materials are available through Here is our product list:


  1. Journeyman Player’s Handbook: Play a role and build a character you love. Journeyman is a skills-based system that allows any character to learn any skill, including magic. There are no alignments, no levels. You can build a reputation as a hero or a villain, it’s up to you. Character archetypes include warriors, scouts, mages, and priests, but characters are usually a combination of these. Imagine shapeshifting warriors, sword-wielding battle mages, magic-casting priests binding demons, and thieves who shape their way through walls. Combat is short and gritty, which leaves more time for developing one’s character. Journeyman’s base system can be used in any milieu. The world where these adventures are based is Navah, larger than Earth and once colonized by the Seveysas, a race of sentient lizards who are masters of the realm of Dream. Players may run a campaign on the mortal plane, or in the fantastic realm of Faerie, and sometimes the two worlds meet. The magic system is unique to the world Navah, and builds on three basic talents – Perception, Domination, & Body Control. Mages then advance into subsequent talents and develop their specializations, including Seer, Spiritologist, Necromancer, Shapeshifter, and more. The Player’s Handbook includes rules on rolling characters, choosing vocations, using skills, conducting combat and healing, casting magic, improving the character, and the effects of building a reputation.
  2. Navah Price Lists: Extensive price lists for just about anything an adventurer in the world of Navah would want, from clothing, food, drink, weapons, and armor to transportation (horses, waggons, carriages, boats, ships), jewelry, and strongholds. Prices and crafting time for special arms and armor, and magic items is included, as well as prices for focus crystals, spirit crystals, and truenames for elementals, faeries, and demons.
  3. The Duchy of Rodes: A full color map of the Barony of Baroness Rodes, including the duchies of Braedt, Ruthven, and Martabus, showing towns, rivers, roads, monasteries, keeps, and borders. The map measures just under 34×35 inches.

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