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Middle Earth Collectible Card Game (MECCG) Index

At, there is a list of the cards for MECCG, but they are not linked. Below is that same list (last updated Nov. 2, 2009), but in linkable format, so they are easier to go through. Enjoy!  STRATEGY_ChallengeDeck_A_Hero_Stewards-of-Gondor_(Saruman+Orc-Troll-hazards).txt STRATEGY_ChallengeDeck_B_Hero_Release-the-Prisoners_(Alatar+Corruption-Undead-hazards).txt STRATEGY_ChallengeDeck_C_Hero_Dwarven-Quest_(Pallando+Animal-hazards).txt … Continue reading

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Magic the Gathering Cards for the Cold War

The Spanish blog 1d10 en la mochila posted a set of cards based on Magic the Gathering but aimed at re-enacting the Cold War. Natxo corrected me on these. Originally I thought he had created these for his 4th grade … Continue reading

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We had a great game of Mao tonight, although I was laughing so hard I probably came close to my first coronary. I highly recommend it as a silly game for the family this weekend! In addition to the normal … Continue reading

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