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Dungeonmastering Again

So I’m running my own campaign again (the Navah campaign) and loving it. But I’m a different referee than I used to be. Back in 2012, I talked about some of the checks I had to put on my ego … Continue reading

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Summoning in Sertorius

My character in Sertorius is an orc Sertori named Aellios Helvatani, former Senator from Helvaro in the Caellum Republic. His only combat spell is Summon and slots for Summon are limited to double the number of points one puts into … Continue reading

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I had a chance to play Sertorius last night and enjoyed the system, probably because of its many similarities to Runequest and hence to my own homebrew system. The single rulebook is well-organized and thorough (lots of information on the … Continue reading

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