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Gamma World Cryptic Alliances Redefined

Psst: This is a long post, so I made a PDF of it to make it easier to use. It is called Cryptic Alliances 2016 v5 I’m getting ready to run a modified version of 4th edition Gamma World. I’ve … Continue reading

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NAVAH: The Wolves of Winter

A new campaign began today, a hundred miles north of the City of Lions, in the small mining town of Gardell. Wolves had attacked the livestock of the town and killed a small child. The local knight, Lady Inglissh of … Continue reading

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Revisiting Gamma World

I’m preparing to run a Gamma World campaign on Roll20, so I’ve been reading the game pretty deeply. My initial idea was to run a 1st edition game, because I loved the feel of it, but more and more I’m … Continue reading

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Paper Miniatures

I’m a big fan of paper miniatures, and I just found two more sources to share. Printable Heroes has a ton of different minis. Cartoonish but fun! Paper Friends from Seven Wonders in the UK also has a lot of … Continue reading

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NAVAH: The Heroes Return

The party returned to find the native village hastily abandoned, cooking slowly burning over the fires. After searching the Shaman’s hut, they followed the villagers to the hilltop near the gate. Letholdus shot the Guardian of the People, causing twelve … Continue reading

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