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NAVAH: An Unwanted Pregnancy

The party decided to exit the Red Elf’s lair, but when they came to the room of the ancient pouka statues, Alexios spotted a bubbling black ooze (a Jaldak) come straight for him. He slammed the door on it, trapping … Continue reading

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MERP: Escaping the Mines, Rashomon Style

The MERP campaign is on hold for the summer, due to work concerns. Since this left us hanging, we decided to each write a tale of how the Escape from the Mines adventure ended. These are those stories. Story, the … Continue reading

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NAVAH: The Forgotten Sodality of the Old Ones

The party found Garryan with the Outsiders, and Brendan convinced him to accompany them to rescue baby Bailey. The Glorious Guard had located the baby and their mage Endoran had hidden him in a Shaped cavern very near the crib … Continue reading

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NAVAH: Gang Wars on Two Planes

The party decided to withdraw with Rametta from the fight, led by Rametta herself. Josette sent her bear to extricate Alexios from the battle. In the two rounds of combat that Alexios and the bear witnessed after the rest of … Continue reading

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