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A very early competitor of Dungeons & Dragons, back in the 1970s.

540 CY, Tirian’s Journal

The party found pages ripped out of Tirian’s journal throughout the Halls. Here’s all of them: 518 CY: I have discovered the control codes for Zlonn. His control ensures my mastery of this house. I shared that information with Pater, … Continue reading

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World of Khaas (Arduin Grimoire)

I was roaming the web and someone mentioned Beardfoot’s old Arduin site and the World of Khaas. The World of Khaas site was heavily archived by the Internet Archive, so you can still get all that material at I … Continue reading

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Women’s Armor

I’ve been lucky enough to have had a lot of very skilled female players over the years. Thieves, rangers, paladins, and the rest, and all needed decent armor. That was one reason I bought Runequest, because it was the first … Continue reading

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Bradley W. Schenck

I was looking at some old Arduin Grimoire books and remembering how much I loved the art on Vol. II, which Dave Hargrave said was by Brad Schenck. I wonder whatever happened to him?” I asked myself. He’s been doing … Continue reading

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An Old Map of Arduin

The Arduin Grimoire was an early competitor of D&D. It was filled with deadly monsters, and the dungeon Caliban was even deadlier than the Tomb of Horrors. And that’s saying something! Back in 1980 I didn’t have a map of … Continue reading

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