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An open source game derived from Dungeons & Dragons 3.5.

An Ankheg Queen by Caio Monteiro

A while back I talked about how old D&D monsters kept mutating as new artists got a hold of them. The Ankheg was what set me off in old-timer grumpiness, but here’s a new image of the Ankheg I liked. … Continue reading

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Role-playing (Immersion) vs. Social Gaming (Pizza & Pretzels)

I was reminded last night that there is a difference in how I play in different campaigns. When there is a deeply detailed fantasy world that I can buy into, I emphasize role-playing over social gaming. That means I enjoy … Continue reading

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Thoughts about Pathfinder

I’m playing Pathfinder again, this time with my wife. There’s a local DM and a table-top group, which is always fun. Pathfinder has got a ton of adventures available, but I don’t think I would ever want to DM it … Continue reading

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11 Ways to be a better Roleplayer

Just found this blog about being a better roleplayer. It is old (June 20, 2013), but really rings true for me. Check it out. 11 Ways to be a better Roleplayer

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Dungeonmastering Again

So I’m running my own campaign again (the Navah campaign) and loving it. But I’m a different referee than I used to be. Back in 2012, I talked about some of the checks I had to put on my ego … Continue reading

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Dyson’s Refrigerator Dice

Dyson made some simple and attractive refrigerator magnets out of dice. Check it out!

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The Black Destroyer (The Coeurl)

The Displacer Beast is a copyrighted property of Wizards of the Coast, but its inspiration, the Coeurl, is not. A.E. Van Vogt wrote about the Coeurl back in “The Black Destroyer” (1939). The Coeurl were intelligent, with two tentacles coming … Continue reading

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