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MERP: The Party Escapes

With the goblins pounding on the door (aren’t they always?), the party rappels out the window to the roof below and then down to the parapet. They avoid discovery and enter an arch, go down two levels and enter an … Continue reading

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MERP: Still in the Damn Castle

The party is faltering. Jor has been captured. Araluth, Elentari, and Hanrammr are badly wounded and fighting four orcs on the stairs. And Tum is running higher and higher in the tower. Jor is taken before the goblin chief and … Continue reading

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NAVAH: The Winter Wolves

A new party started in Navah. Ian Fantron (warrior from Gardall) led two mercs from Anthavar — Josette (Spiritologist) and Ignar (burglar) — into the snowy hills to track six wolves that killed a little girl recently. Ian brought 2 … Continue reading

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TRAVELLER: Trojan Reach

Our party was small — just myself (a Vargr corsair with 2 Starburst for Extraordinary Heroism) and a Qwab (Newt) diplomat on Pallindrome. We were embedded with 2nd squad in the servant of Baroness Gloriana, along with another Vargr, and … Continue reading

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