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Classic pieces of heroic fantasy.

Women in Armor (again)

Found some great photos at Here’s one:

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I’ve been working on my combat system again, and my current task is finalizing the damage, range, and STR requirements for the various bows. I thought I knew plenty about this. I did archery in college, and had read quite … Continue reading

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The Coolest City I’ve Never Seen

There seems to be a very cool game (and fantasy city) in French, although I haven’t read it yet. Wastburg, as described on Le Cyberespace de Jérôme Darmont. Originally a novel of roguish fantasy (a la Fritz Lieber’s Lankhmar, apparently) … Continue reading

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Hero Forge Custom Miniatures

A friend steered me to Hero Forge, a Kickstarted miniatures company that allows you to design your own character and then order a 3d printed version in ultra detailed hard plastic. They are available in 30 mm ($25), 3″ tall … Continue reading

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Evangeline Walton’s Mabinogion Tetralogy

I have put off reading these books for years. I just was never interested enough. I’m interested now though. The books have much of the feel of Lord Dunsany’s The King of Elfland’s Daughter (1924), but they are meatier than … Continue reading

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Glorion from Journeyquest

Since I’m talking about paladins and alignment, I should mention Glorion. Fantastic character! My favorite bit is Roderick the Gargoyle though (starts at 8:27).

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The Amazons from Rejected Princesses as Characters in a RPG

You may already know about the site Rejected Princesses which celebrates “women too awesome, awful, or offbeat for kids’ movies.” It is “illustrated in a contemporary animation style with accompanying writeup” and updated on Wednesday. It’s also now on Facebook … Continue reading

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