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Some Great Blogs to Visit

In case you haven’t seen them already, here’s two other great sites to visit. A Book of Creatures ( is a wonderful collection of creatures and monsters drawn from a wide variety of folklore. Recent additions come from the Congo, … Continue reading

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Avenger of the Seven Seas

After desperately looking for a movie to watch on YouTube, I stumbled across Avenger of the Seven Seas (1962) with Richard Harrison as David Robinson, Australian convict who becomes a British officer, mutinies, gets tied to the rocks to drown … Continue reading

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In the Tunnels under the Roc Nest

The party began exploring the tunnels under the Roc nest, which were created by the jumble of ships that the Roc used to make the nest. Passages are tall and low, narrow and wide, and often slant up and down … Continue reading

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On the Size of the Roc or Rukh

The player characters are currently on an island in Faerie on which a Roc lives. The Roc (in Persian, Rukh) is an enormous bird of prey that appears in the Arabian Nights and probably is based on the legends of … Continue reading

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More Monsters from A.J. Fosdick

I’ve mentioned his work before, and I’ll do it again. Check it out: The Abyss Stares Back AJ Fosdick Interview Fierce Folklore The Third Way Out Mastodon cover Title Unknown Can you name the artist if he didn’t tell you? … Continue reading

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The Black Destroyer (The Coeurl)

The Displacer Beast is a copyrighted property of Wizards of the Coast, but its inspiration, the Coeurl, is not. A.E. Van Vogt wrote about the Coeurl back in “The Black Destroyer” (1939). The Coeurl were intelligent, with two tentacles coming … Continue reading

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Christmas Present Idea: Japanese Toys and D&D

There’s a great article by Tony DiTerlizzi on the origins of several weird D&D monsters, which began life as cheap Japanese plastic toys. Based on those toys, Gary Gygax made up the Carrion Crawler, Umber Hulk, Rust Monster, and Purple … Continue reading

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Olaus Magnus’s Sea Monsters (1539)

Olaus Magnus produced the Carta Marina in 1539, in which he depicted a number of sea monsters. Antony Lafreri created copy of this in 1572. Magnus’s monsters are detailed by Slate magazine. It’s definitely worth a look, both to pick … Continue reading

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The Lorefish

Appearance: As you drop breadcrumbs on the water for the duck, a golden scaled human face rises from the depths and sucks up the moistened bread. ‘Thank you,’ it burbles in a watery alto. Ignoring the duck, it asks, ‘what … Continue reading

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Pronouncing Smaug’s Name Wrong

And now for something completely nerdy. Peter Jackson’s minions are mispronouncing Smaug’s name. See below. Boy, that’s annoying. Everyone everywhere has always called Smaug “smog,” an early 20th century (or late 19th century) word combining “smoke” and “fog” to describe … Continue reading

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