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Traveller: Sentient Races Statistics

Back in the 1980s I made up a list of sentient races for Traveller, both the canon races (Hiver, K’Kree, etc.) and non-canon stuff from Star Wars and Star Trek. I’ve added a couple since then, and made it available … Continue reading

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An Ankheg Queen by Caio Monteiro

A while back I talked about how old D&D monsters kept mutating as new artists got a hold of them. The Ankheg was what set me off in old-timer grumpiness, but here’s a new image of the Ankheg I liked. … Continue reading

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Dug Stanat’s Creepy Clayworks

I stumbled over The Art of Dug Stanat in a search for new critters to challenge my players. He has a lot of fun stuff there, and he does commissions and sells his work so you may want to patronize … Continue reading

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Some Great Blogs to Visit

In case you haven’t seen them already, here’s two other great sites to visit. A Book of Creatures ( is a wonderful collection of creatures and monsters drawn from a wide variety of folklore. Recent additions come from the Congo, … Continue reading

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Avenger of the Seven Seas

After desperately looking for a movie to watch on YouTube, I stumbled across Avenger of the Seven Seas (1962) with Richard Harrison as David Robinson, Australian convict who becomes a British officer, mutinies, gets tied to the rocks to drown … Continue reading

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In the Tunnels under the Roc Nest

The party began exploring the tunnels under the Roc nest, which were created by the jumble of ships that the Roc used to make the nest. Passages are tall and low, narrow and wide, and often slant up and down … Continue reading

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On the Size of the Roc or Rukh

The player characters are currently on an island in Faerie on which a Roc lives. The Roc (in Persian, Rukh) is an enormous bird of prey that appears in the Arabian Nights and probably is based on the legends of … Continue reading

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