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MERP: Slave Rebellion

After hours of torture, Jor tells the orcs that there were two other people with him (a human and a dwarf) and that they came from the other tunnel than he originally appeared in. He thus managed to direct the … Continue reading

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NAVAH: The True Tomb of the Seveysas Queen

Having looted the false tomb of the Seveysas Queen, the party now discovered and explored the true tomb. They were joined by Alexios, who had heard rumors of treasure in the region and joined up with the group. Ignar proved … Continue reading

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MERP: DM of the Rings

I was rereading DM of the Rings (yeah, I know it’s not online any more, but I saved a copy for myself back when) and I’ve got to say, it spoke to me. Reminded me a lot of our current … Continue reading

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Six Sample Sectors of the Mutant World Sector Generator

ComputerVirus99 asked for six sample sectors generated by the new Mutant World Sector Generator, so he could compare that to my old Gamma World Generator from 1990. So here’s a file with that data. Enjoy! If you create a sector … Continue reading

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MERP: From the Frying Pan…

The party was divided. Jor and Leosil rolled down the tracks in a mine cart, closely pursued by one of the lizards. Leosil threw his dagger and Jor cast Light, but they could not stop it. They did make it … Continue reading

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Roleplaying “The Expanse,” SSICSIM style

I was doing a web search for material on The Expanse, the science fiction book and SyFy television series, when I came across the SSICSIM site. SSICSIM stands for Secondary School Interactive Crisis Simulation. Founded in 2011, it is an … Continue reading

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MERP: Into the Caves

After fighting off the wolves, the party slept the rest of the night and then continued to the cleft. There they cached 31 weeks of rations and 2 kegs of water, and after another night, entered the fissure in the … Continue reading

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