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The Dark Tower (2017)

I just watched the movie, and really, it is not too bad. Everyone said it was disjointed and hard to follow, but it wasn’t. It was pretty clear what was going on. The main problem was how much they shoved … Continue reading

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Prophet by Simon Roy

Remember that awful comic by Rob Liefeld? Well this has almost nothing in common. The art is by Simon Roy from Vancouver, and is spectacular and foreign. Roy really lays out some alien worlds and the story is just as … Continue reading

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Space: 1999, or John Byrnes and Joe Staton at Charlton

On an unrelated note, I was reading through my old comics this week and stumbled across Space:1999 from Charlton Comics, issue 6 (1976). It was a jolt from the past, because I suddenly remembered how I identified the alien in … Continue reading

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In searching for old art by Dave Trampier, I stumbled across an image of Grimjack (aka. John Gaunt). I’m not sure how many people remember him any more. He was a character from the 1980s, an independent comic by John … Continue reading

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Dungeon Comic and Game

I just found out that there’s a un jeu de rôle médiéval-fantastique (medieval fantasy role-playing game) of the Dungeon comic by Sfar and Trondheim. The page for it is located at The original publication in 2001 is pretty pricy … Continue reading

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