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So you want to run a horror RPG…

Originally posted on Luciella Elisabeth Scarlett:
My contribution to the first volume of the Uncaged anthology is Galateya’s Will, a horror-themed adventure based on the Greek myth of Pygmalion. In the introduction to the adventure I mention the use of safety…

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Games that are better than novels

Dungeoncraft #56 tries to explain why rpgs aren’t novels. I think he’s right, up to a point. But only the point where my games begin. I’ll explain, but first, here’s his explanation. So he’s very definitely right about most D&D … Continue reading

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This game is a couple years old, but I finally got around to playing it. It took about 10 hours but was worth the $20. Very few glitches, no combat, lots of 3d mazes, humane storyline, and a very pretty … Continue reading

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COC: The Beach Fight

More spoilers for the Fungi of Yuggoth campaign. Page down if you want to read the party’s latest adventure.                 The party traveled to San Francisco, following the shipments of Blue John. They … Continue reading

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