Other RPG Sites


The Monsters Know What They are Doing: Keith Amman’s blog on tactics in tabletop rpgs.
Hari Ragat Games: RPGs with an Asian twist.
Thoul’s Paradise: Old school gaming run by perdustin-at-comcast-dot-net
Rediscovering the Joys of MERP: By Aspire2hopegm
Playing at the World: Jon Peterson
Scorched Earth adventure archive: The GM is k-slacker@shaw.ca
Hill Cantons
Chirine’s Workbench: Chirine ba Kal talks about Tekumel.
Underworld Ink: By John Larrey & Jason Sholtis, who create old-school dungeon illustrations.
The Bedrock Blog: By the creators of Sertorius.
Dungeon Bastard: Professional Adventure Coach.
Game Knight Reviews.
Calypso1577: A French blogger connected to Empire Galactique.
RPG Bloggers: An aggregator for these.
A Paladin in Citadel: Great blog on various aspects of early D&D, including a lot of early art.
In the Cities
The Mule Abides
Retro RPG
Quag Keep
Sorcery & Super Science!
Hack and Slash
Tower of the Archmage
No School like the Old School
Lost Papers of Tsojcanth
Gamma World War
RPG Bloggers
Old School Bloggers
Telecanter’s Receding Rules.
A Rust Monster Ate My Sword.
Dyson’s Dodecahedron: Geomorphs, maps and adventures, especially for Labyrinth Lord.
Risus Monkey: Including geomorphs and other things.
Reflections of a Forest in a Concrete Puddle: Home of Infinite zerO, who does rpgs and makes Geomorph tiles, but seems to have a life outside of gaming as well. 🙂
For the Love of Dungeons: Plus a game on How to Host a Dungeon.


Bill McLean: Cartoonist from early D&D days.
Tony Dowler: Seattle Doomsday map.
Mike Schley: Cartographer.
Maps and More: The work of Ralf Schemmann.
Michael K. Tumey’s portfolio
Sapiento (Robert Altbauer): Mapper.
Seven Bridges (Tom Holmes): Mapper.
Djekspek: Mapper.
Fred73fr: Old school mapper.
Liz Danforth
Kathleen Jennings
Russ Nicholson
Three Headed Troll: Atom, Jaybird, and Glad.

Random Generators

Dave’s Mapper: My favorite random dungeon mapper.
Dyson’s Random Morph Map.
Risus Monkey’s Random Dungeon Map.
Wizardawn: Geomorph dungeon generator.
Random City Map Generator.
Random Village Map Generator.
Random Inn Map Generator.
D&D Town Generator.
Fantasy Name Generator.
Random D&D Dungeon Map Generator.
Random d20 Dungeon Map Generator.
Random Dungeon Wallpaper (Map).
Traveller System Generator.
Medieval Demographics Online.
Medieval Demographics made Easy: Plus the article that inspired it.

Articles & Commercial Sites

& Magazine: Free Old School RPG online magazine.
The Alignment System
RPG Geek (Web store)
Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game

Stores and Groups on the North Shore & in Boston

Gloucester Roleplaying Facebook page.
G33K: Gaming store in Gloucester.
Toys ‘n Things: Store in Danvers. They have in-store RPG games roughly six days a week. In 2014, that featured Pathfinder on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, with D&D Encounters on Wednesday evenings and PFS on Sunday afternoons. They also have a Facebook page.
The Compleat Strategist: Gaming store chain with an outlet in Boston, MA.
Myriad Games: Gaming store in Salem, NH.
Sages of RPG: Gaming group in Portsmouth, NH.
Pandemonium Games: Cambridge, MA.
Harrison’s Comics & Collectibles: Salem, MA.


Children of Kings: Gloranthan campaign.
The Blackmoor Archives
Comeback Inn: Blackmoor discussion forum.

Other Things

Covenant of Silence RPG: I don’t know much about it, but it seems to be an RPG based on my town.
RPG Podcasts.
Obsidian Portal for Last Empire: Directs potential players to my blog here.
Mythic Game Emulator.

1 Response to Other RPG Sites

  1. Ron says:

    Your site is awesome! Just an FYI that you need to update your Wizardawn link since & Magazine has taken over running it 🙂
    If you wanted to mention & Mag in the list too, I wouldn’t be upset 😉 http://www.and-mag.com
    Be well!

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