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Westward, to the Misty Mountains

I thought we working our way through the MERP module, Goblin-Gate and Eagle’s Eyrie from ICE. Our DM of course is a tricky fellow and has created his own adventures around the same locations, so there are no spoilers below. … Continue reading

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1st Adventure in Middle Earth

We started a new campaign today in the northern reaches of Gondor, in the March of Maethelburg. Mike was the DM, with a modified MERP rpg system. The characters were Araluth of Rhudaur (Dakin), a ranger; his wife Elentari (Jennifer), … Continue reading

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Pronouncing Smaug’s Name Wrong

And now for something completely nerdy. Peter Jackson’s minions are mispronouncing Smaug’s name. See below. Boy, that’s annoying. Everyone everywhere has always called Smaug “smog,” an early 20th century (or late 19th century) word combining “smoke” and “fog” to describe … Continue reading

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