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Bonemarch – More Greyhawk Stuff

I tracked down the Bonemarch stuff for Living Greyhawk to Bunker Club 55. There’s a short gazetteer down at the bottom, and some other information in the posts. Bonemarch seems like a good place to link up to Ghost Walk.

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The Principality of Naerie – More Greyhawk Materials

Ok, I jumped in with both feet catching up with Greyhawk, perhaps because it is Memorial Day Weekend. In any case, I just found another fantastic repository of Living Greyhawk materials, this time on the Principality of Naerie in Ahlissa. … Continue reading

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Faucongris: French Adventures for the World of Greyhawk

I discovered a number of adventures written for the World of Greyhawk in French. Most of the English synopses were straight from Google Translator and didn’t make any sense, so I retranslated the synopses and also organized the adventures so … Continue reading

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Greyhawk, Again!

My old Pathfinder DM moved away, but I’ve finally hooked up with another gaming group and DM, this time playing in Greyhawk. That takes me back! I haven’t played in that world since about 1982, although I’ve of course used … Continue reading

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Cool Walkthrough Maps of Classic Dungeons

Wizards of the Coast are reprinting AD&D stuff like the Dungeons of Dread. The good news is that they have also released cool walkthrough maps of them. Get these while you can, they are definitely cool (even if they include … Continue reading

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