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NAVAH: The Map of Barony Rodes

I decided I needed a map of the entire barony for this campaign, so I created county maps of Martabus, Ruthven, and Braedt, and then stitched them together to create a 30×30 inch map of the barony, then printed it … Continue reading

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NAVAH: Don’t Touch That Sword

The giant Begbones limped desperately away from the cave entrance, but the two archers pursued him relentlessly, eventually downing him for good. After searching him and finding nothing, the party returned to the caverns and explored the area beyond his … Continue reading

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MERP: Sirens, and the Cult of the Long Night

Feldenaith goes back and gets more crabs from the room, and then the party moves on. Feldenaith finds a rotten flooring in the next cavern, and Drogo flies across and secures a rope to the wall so the rest of … Continue reading

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