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More Monsters from A.J. Fosik

I’ve mentioned his work before, and I’ll do it again. Check it out: The Abyss Stares Back AJ Fosdick Interview Fierce Folklore The Third Way Out Mastodon cover Title Unknown Can you name the artist if he didn’t tell you? … Continue reading

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The Battle for the WaveKnife Continues

The party got off to a slow start, largely because of an over-reliance on smart phones. One player’s Skype rang on his phone rather than on his computer while another overslept because his little brother turned off his phone. The … Continue reading

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Battle aboard the WaveKnife

The party boarded a merchantman headed for the south seas of Faerie, but once underway the elves dropped the glamour on the ship and revealed it to be the Elven war galley Eldenrith (WaveKnife) and the “passengers” to be conscripts … Continue reading

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Making Miniatures in Paint.Net, Revisited

Last year about this time, I wrote about making miniatures for use in Roll20. In that time, I’ve changed my method, slightly. First, I’ve gone to 200×200 pixels as the standard size for minis, as 100×100 lost too much definition. … Continue reading

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