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{MERC} and AVP2

I was just thinking about AVP2, and about how much fun I had in that game. I was in the {MERC} clan, which was a blast. The only real clan I’ve been in, and a good bunch of players: GhostRider, … Continue reading

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This game is a couple years old, but I finally got around to playing it. It took about 10 hours but was worth the $20. Very few glitches, no combat, lots of 3d mazes, humane storyline, and a very pretty … Continue reading

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Terror in Meeple City

This is one of the few board games we play any more. The game came out in 2013, but I first learned about it at Pax East 2017 when my wife and I volunteered at the Game Library. They had … Continue reading

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In Memorium: The Lost Delights BBS

I just read an article from The Atlantic that brought back some memories. This blog is named after my Bulletin Board Service (BBS) from 1989, also called Lost Delights. It hosted conversations about role-playing games, which obviously have been my … Continue reading

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Nerd Music

Ok, I just have to share this site I just found. The site is 20-sided Rhymes, and it includes full downloads of some great D&D nerd music. The king of this genre is MC Frontalot, with my favorite rhyme being … Continue reading

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Websites Supporting Nox

I did some searching this morning and came up with a variety of interesting support pages for Nox, or what was left of them. If you are interested in Nox, here’s some pages to check out (and save, or download): … Continue reading

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Exploring Nox

Since we didn’t get a chance to rpg this weekend, we did a bunch of Nox. Nox is a game from Electronic Arts in 2000 and allows 2-16 players in the multiplayer game. We did a multiplayer quest, which is … Continue reading

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