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NAVAH: Lorathiel Sector Terrain

For the players, here’s what the terrain of the region looks like. It is mountainous and civilization is down in the valleys. There are several passes: Highhold Pass: A mountain road between Highhold and Restwell. The Pass: Two long tunnels through … Continue reading

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NAVAH: Sir Alexios Barthold, Protector of the Pass

It was an interesting evening. Alexios was named heir to 150,000 acres deep to the northwest. As Sir Alexios Barthold, Protector of the Pass, he journeyed to Lorathiel sector to claim his seat, accompanied by 27 people, 4 wagons, and … Continue reading

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Savage Worlds Greyhawk: Night of the Mad Kobold

We started a new campaign last night, using the Savage Worlds mechanics and the world of Oerth as the location. We started in the town of Cresthill on the Att River, west of the Free City of Greyhawk. The adventure … Continue reading

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Ourgikon (Arachnids): A Race for Savage Worlds

I created the Ourgikon race for a Pathfinder game back in 2012. I’ve adapted the idea for a Savage Worlds game. Hope you find it useful! Here is the PDF. Ourgikon aka. Arachnids Although humans call them Arachnids (or just … Continue reading

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Game Store Review: Flights of Fantasy in Albany, NY

This one was a treat to discover. Flights of Fantasy have a big collection of used games and used books, plus new books and games as well. They didn’t have any MERP, RQ, Stormbringer, or other BRP expansions, but they … Continue reading

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Game Store Review: Play the Game, Read the Story, in Syracuse, NY

It’s been five years since I visited this store, but I had fond memories of it so we stopped in on our way back from Rochester. It is still as good as ever. This time I picked up some of … Continue reading

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MERP: Zombies on the Sea of Rhun

The rest of the night was relatively unpleasant. Feldeneith demonstrated that the silver that Capt. Barlen had paid them was silver coated lead. They held off on dealing with the Captain while Drogo led the interrogation of the prisoners. They … Continue reading

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MERP: A Cruise on the Sea of Rhun

We started a new MERP campaign tonight, with Matt DMing for the first time. He did a great job; an awesome job for a first-timer. Our party included four members. First was Grafarlig the Dwarvish warrior, a doughty warrior in … Continue reading

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