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Character Generation Rules for the Last Empire (Journeyman System)

I posted version 6 of the character generation rules for the Journeyman System back on June 6, 2012, but I’ve made so many changes that the system that I took them down again. Watch for my more recent posts. I’ll … Continue reading

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Book of Wonder

Lord Dunsany’s Book of Wonder is one of my favorite books. It includes the Distressing Tale of Thangobrind the Jeweler, who was the precursor of Fritz Lieber’s Grey Mouser. I just found a stereoscopic version of Sidney Sime’s illustration for … Continue reading

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Gearing up

I’m gearing up for my next game. After seeing a friend’s Mondomat from Chessex, I’ve got one of those on order. It was strange ordering something I actually had to call about. The web is spoiling me. Miniatures are more … Continue reading

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Starship Design Spreadsheet (per High Guard) & Spatial Coordinates near Sol

I was moving all of my Excel files over to Access yesterday, and found this old ship design chart for Traveler. It doesn’t have any documentation with it. I used to use it to design our ships in accordance with … Continue reading

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1872 Ipswich Map

It’s a little small, but useful. Other maps of the region from 1872 can be found at

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1945 Ipswich Topographic Map

Here’s the map I’ll be using as a basis for charting out Ipswich. Still need to find one for the 1920s. Interesting. The dam doesn’t seem to have been built at this time. I wonder if that was put into … Continue reading

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Ipswich as a location for Call of Cthulhu

I awoke this morning with the sudden realization that Ipswich would make a wonderful Call of Cthulhu (COC) campaign. For a moment, I thought it had already been done, because Dunwich and Ipswich are alike in name and both prominently … Continue reading

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