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We had a great game of Mao tonight, although I was laughing so hard I probably came close to my first coronary. I highly recommend it as a silly game for the family this weekend! In addition to the normal … Continue reading

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Daywood: How to Kill a Wizard

My character’s mentor, a high elven 9th level wizard named Baldovinetti Gulgroth, betrayed the party and led us into an ambush. We also found evidence that he is working with the baddies in the campaign, so now he must die. … Continue reading

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Keep the Witch Gagged? Spells with only Verbal Components in Pathfinder (Daywood)

Our party has not been having good luck. Four little sisters of various party members are dead, and a fifth is now a captive, having gone insane and become a baby-eating witch under the control of a Hag. As we … Continue reading

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The Amazons from Rejected Princesses as Characters in a RPG

You may already know about the site Rejected Princesses which celebrates “women too awesome, awful, or offbeat for kids’ movies.” It is “illustrated in a contemporary animation style with accompanying writeup” and updated on Wednesday. It’s also now on Facebook … Continue reading

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John Eric Holmes (1930-2010), Confessions of a Dungeon Master (1980)

It just came to my attention that it is impossible to find this article any more. It appeared in Psychology Today back in 1980, and the only way to get it is to go to the Microforms. The digital version … Continue reading

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Mapping Navah in

I’ve already talked about creating Navah in Fractal Terrains 2 and then mapping it to Google Earth. That unfortunately did not leave me with high resolution maps I could use in adventures, so that was the next thing to do. … Continue reading

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5th Level at Last!

So at last Alessandro i Maldolen, my high elven mage, has reached 5th level in Pathfinder. Fireballs and Lightning Bolts at last! But when I look at the Fireball spell, it seems that Pathfinder has nerfed it. The radius is … Continue reading

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