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Mutant World: Corpseville on the Lake

Colt and Rolff led the way, though Hawk was assumed to be still scouting and Galzra still translating the ancient language. Rolff also discovered that he had acquired Magnetic Control after his encounter with high radiation last session. First, the … Continue reading

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The Seventh Seal by Scott Walker

I stumbled onto this song during my expeditions into the depths of YouTube. An over-produced bit of weirdness from the 1960s, but for some reason it grows on me. So I’m sharing it out for you folks, who might dig … Continue reading

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Gamma World Minis

I’ve been working on Gamma World style minis for my campaign on Roll20, and thought I’d share a few out. Here they are:

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Avenger of the Seven Seas

After desperately looking for a movie to watch on YouTube, I stumbled across Avenger of the Seven Seas (1962) with Richard Harrison as David Robinson, Australian convict who becomes a British officer, mutinies, gets tied to the rocks to drown … Continue reading

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Mutant World: Into the Jungles

The Mutant World campaign began last weekend, with the four characters leaving from Telph. Rolff and Galzra are mutated humanoids escaped from Enom, and Lark and Phero are mutated animals from Telph. Lark is a broad-winged hawk with hands, and … Continue reading

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Combat in Mutant World

I started with the Gamma World combat tables but then remembered that they never made sense to me. A couple of hours later, they made more sense. The original designers combined damage and penetration into one chart, but that made … Continue reading

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Mutant World Starting Money & Equipment

The Mutant World campaign will use silver credits and gold domars for its currency. To start using your character’s starting money and putting together his equipment, look at this pdf:   mutant-world-starting-equipment PSH get the most money and can take up … Continue reading

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