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Losing a Limb & Game Lethality

I just read an old blog by Omer G. Joel on lethality in gaming.  and it made me think. I disagree with Omer that lethality is the central argument. Omer praises roguelike video games, and seems to imply that tabletop … Continue reading

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MERP: The Tomb and After

The party entered the tomb and there were six or more traps. The walls were lined with tombs, stacked two high in the walls. At the end of the room were three large sarcophagi. The names on them were Jeston, … Continue reading

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COC: The Players take new Characters

After the first party arrives back in their own time (after their abduction by the Great Race of Yith), Jonathan Putnam retires. Now at the brink of insanity, he finances a number of adventurer teams in an effort to regain … Continue reading

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