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The Coolest City I’ve Never Seen

There seems to be a very cool game (and fantasy city) in French, although I haven’t read it yet. Wastburg, as described on Le Cyberespace de Jérôme Darmont. Originally a novel of roguish fantasy (a la Fritz Lieber’s Lankhmar, apparently) … Continue reading

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We had a great game of Mao tonight, although I was laughing so hard I probably came close to my first coronary. I highly recommend it as a silly game for the family this weekend! In addition to the normal … Continue reading

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The Amazons from Rejected Princesses as Characters in a RPG

You may already know about the site Rejected Princesses which celebrates “women too awesome, awful, or offbeat for kids’ movies.” It is “illustrated in a contemporary animation style with accompanying writeup” and updated on Wednesday. It’s also now on Facebook … Continue reading

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Pirate Treasure Map for McCormick’s Creek Park, Indiana

When my son was about ten (2006), I made this treasure map for his birthday party. I mentioned it in a post on party games last week, and then found it this week. The Pirate’s Lair was a reserved shelter. … Continue reading

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Chess is not a RPG

John Wick wrote a great blog recently on roleplaying vs. wargaming, or as he phrased it, story-telling vs. gun porn. His primary argument is that, “In a roleplaying game, game balance does not matter.” What he seems to mean by … Continue reading

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Party Games — Treasure Hunts, Scavenger Hunts, Mysteries

When my kids were between 8 and 12, they loved games, and we used to create either our own boardgames or play some sort of treasure hunt, scavenger hunt, riddle, or puzzle. This also made a great birthday party activity, … Continue reading

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JiffyCon East, November 9, 2013, Somerville, MA – and its related games

I just found out about Jiffycon and was reading up on the games to be shown there. I got very excited about going and then discovered I was giving a presentation at another conference so I can’t attend. But I … Continue reading

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