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NAVAH: Restwell at Last

The party arrived at Highhold, a walled town, and camped outside, as the town wouldn’t let Josette’s spirits inside. In the morning, Alexios, Brendan, and Ian visited Sir Clevyn, who turn out to be a weak leader surrounded by sycophantic … Continue reading

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Savage Worlds Greyhawk: Death to the Gnolls, at a bargain price

Bodrie the Gnome invited the party to his home. Kaelix was ecstatic that he was addressed as a “friend” in the invitation. He drank too much at the party, and began to hug everyone. Deathgar, a Ranger from Gnarly Forest, … Continue reading

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In which I finally discover Warhammer

I’ve had some Warhammer RPG (1st edition) stuff for a long time, and never really bothered to read it. It was one of those things I bought when I had more money (before children!) and loads of time. I bought … Continue reading

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The Mound of Dead Bards

While writing my preceding post, I came across this image, which I just had to share. If you haven’t watch The Gamers: Dorkness Rising (2008), do yourself a favor and rent it or find it on YouTube.

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No Kill I: Character Deaths and TPKs

I run long campaigns, and players develop deep connections to their characters. That means that dying can have a large impact on the player and the team, so I try to avoid killing characters in a random, meaningless way. No … Continue reading

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Fortunae (Bennies)

The foundation of my games are my Gamemastering Guidelines, which I put together in 2012. These were: Have Fun Roleplaying is not wargaming The player characters are heroes All the players are heroes The play is the thing Move the … Continue reading

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Mertwig’s Maze (1988)

Tom Wham did a bunch of games back in the day, but my favorite was Mertwig’s Maze, which had players choose characters, form parties, and enter various dungeons to win royal and other treasures. I added a dungeon (the Last … Continue reading

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