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A Jorune Timeline (in Excel)

I got reading about Jorune again, and found myself taking “6600 Years of Jorune” and putting it into Excel form. For anyone who wants it, here is the Jorune Timeline. Joe Adams’ post in his blog Jorune is a Mental … Continue reading

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In which I remember why I moved away from Experience Points…

So last night’s game reminded me again why I stopped using D&D: Experience Points. The quest for experience points really flavors the game. Here’s what it does: 1. Makes characters kill everything they can. 2. Makes characters gather as much … Continue reading

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Shared Beliefs and RPG Popularity

Tons of people play Dungeons and Dragons or some variant of it, but not too many play Empire of the Petal Throne or Skyrealms of Jorune. Well, ok, EPT was hideously complex, had creepy pictures of fat priests and semi-nude … Continue reading

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